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Rachel Seo began writing at the age of seven, scribbling with glittery gel pens on sheets and sheets of lined notebook paper. Much to the relief of trees and tree-huggers everywhere, she learned how to type and now pounds out blog posts, novels, and various random ideas on her trusty Macbook. Cheers makes her laugh long and hard; her music is too indie to be mainstream and too mainstream to be indie; and Ecclesiastes is her favorite book of the Bible. Find her at her blog, Silver Mess, or on Instagram and Twitter.

the long(ish) version

Dear Readers,
If you haven't noticed by now, you've stumbled on this blog somehow. Maybe you clicked on the link in the description box of my YouTube channel. Maybe I sent you the link. Maybe you clicked the link my mom posted on Facebook. Maybe you went down an Internet wormhole and ended up here.
Regardless of method of transit, I’m glad you’re here (unless you’re a stalker--which, in that case, kindly leave this site).
On this blog, I chronicle my life in words. I also occasionally shout out my YouTube channel, where I also chronicle my life in vlogs. But before you either click off this site or check out some of the other stuff I’ve written, here are some things to note:
  1. I love to write. My goal is to make a career out of writing someday.
  2. All aspects of storytelling--listening, creating, the narrative--enamor me.
  3. I love vegetables and onion dip and anything sugary.
  4. I’m a Christian.
  5. My phone case looks like a Willy Wonka chocolate bar.
  6. I go to college at UC San Diego.
  7. And the reason why I’m writing this blog is to A) know that I’m not alone, and B) make sure you know that you’re not alone, either. Because we’re all aware of our downfalls, whether we know them or not, and sometimes mine get me down, hard. But there's hope, and truth, and life, and ultimately, that's what we're all on a journey to discover.
Thanks for reading! I hope you stick around :)
- Rachel -

Last updated: 11.7.17


  1. Congrats on your new bog. I think this is a very good idea.

  2. I am so excited for what you have going on here! The idea of monthly creative challenges and spotlights intrigues me and I can't wait to go with you on this journey of creativity!

  3. Oh man oh man oh man! AAAAHHHH SORRY YOU JUST GOT ME REALLY EXCITED. And sorry, that's a weird way to introduce myself. I just read your about page and WOWWIE WOO GIRL. I'll definitely be following you. We have a lot in common, and I'm so excited to find another blogger my age who has a craft-type blog. All the craft blogs I run into usually are like, moms, and in their thirties with kids or something. So this is really exciting! Plus I just get excited super easily. And I totally love how you said that everyone is creative (you said that, right? In a way?), because that is one of my strong strong beliefs, and I also totally love all the emphasis on God's creativeness. And I now that your blog is sort of a life style blog or whatever, but it's centered around creativity and I love that. So yeah! Looking forward to getting to know you better in the future!

    1. I forgot to ramble about how similar w are with regard to organization and messiness. So strange how much we're the same on that. I am a very messy person, but...I'm also very neat. Bu looking at my desk where I do my card making, you'd never know I was a neat person. But I am.

    2. Sorry for this barrage of comments, but I also forgot to say that I love the way you write.

    3. Haha, thank you so much for everything, Maggie! Hope I won't disappoint :)

  4. I love this blog so much!! You are just so incredibly creative.


  5. YOUR BLOG *heart eyes* And your pictures are amazing!! I got so excited when I read you're 5' 1" because that's exactly how tall I am. XD SHORT PEOPLE RULE. *grins*

  6. THE OXFORD COMMA. *nodnodnod*

  7. Absolutely love your blog and your sense of humor!! :)

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