I’m Rachel, resident writer, observer, & creator of this humble Internet abode. I attend college in a city with ocean breezes and constant sunshine, drink lots of mochas and macchiatos and, in my spare time, write down ideas, thoughts, prayers, and stories. I also enjoy making videos, listening to my random assortment of music, and reading through the list of Newbery Medal-winning books (thirty-five down, sixty to go).

This site functions as a collection of things I’ve written and made, from thoughts about life (and college) to vlogs (I post weekly!). It’s also a place for me to try to figure my life out and--I hope--help people in the process. The older I get, the more time I spend being yanked around in life’s grasp, and since this happens to me, I figure it happens to others, too. I want this blog to reveal hope within the context of life’s often-depressing realities. We’re not always going to be happy or truthful or joyful or glad--but that’s okay, because despite sadness or anger or angst, we always have hope.


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  1. Congrats on your new bog. I think this is a very good idea.

  2. I am so excited for what you have going on here! The idea of monthly creative challenges and spotlights intrigues me and I can't wait to go with you on this journey of creativity!

  3. Oh man oh man oh man! AAAAHHHH SORRY YOU JUST GOT ME REALLY EXCITED. And sorry, that's a weird way to introduce myself. I just read your about page and WOWWIE WOO GIRL. I'll definitely be following you. We have a lot in common, and I'm so excited to find another blogger my age who has a craft-type blog. All the craft blogs I run into usually are like, moms, and in their thirties with kids or something. So this is really exciting! Plus I just get excited super easily. And I totally love how you said that everyone is creative (you said that, right? In a way?), because that is one of my strong strong beliefs, and I also totally love all the emphasis on God's creativeness. And I now that your blog is sort of a life style blog or whatever, but it's centered around creativity and I love that. So yeah! Looking forward to getting to know you better in the future!

    1. I forgot to ramble about how similar w are with regard to organization and messiness. So strange how much we're the same on that. I am a very messy person, but...I'm also very neat. Bu looking at my desk where I do my card making, you'd never know I was a neat person. But I am.

    2. Sorry for this barrage of comments, but I also forgot to say that I love the way you write.

    3. Haha, thank you so much for everything, Maggie! Hope I won't disappoint :)

  4. I love this blog so much!! You are just so incredibly creative.


  5. YOUR BLOG *heart eyes* And your pictures are amazing!! I got so excited when I read you're 5' 1" because that's exactly how tall I am. XD SHORT PEOPLE RULE. *grins*

  6. THE OXFORD COMMA. *nodnodnod*

  7. Absolutely love your blog and your sense of humor!! :)

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