hello friendz

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

hello, dear friendz:

how is life? how are you? i hope you’re all done with school and doing fantasmically; i myself still have about a month left and am doing okay, having taken plenty of L’s this past week—but this quarter, overall, has been much better than winter quarter. This is due, in part, to the fact that people have been answering my emails much better than they did during winter quarter. Honestly, so much of my mood hinges on whether or not people answer my emails. This may or may not be unhealthy.

i’m currently struggling with paying attention during class, mostly because i’m in summer mode and am in the throes of school-itis. the result of this is that i never do anything when i’m supposed to be doing it. i write things for myself and do homework in class, then, once i’m home, become really lazy and spend a lot of time doing nothing. currently, i’ve been going on sleep-binges, which occur in cycles: no sleep, then lots of sleep, then no sleep, then lots of sleep. it’s very counter-productive, not good at all, and something i need to fix.

besides this, i’m currently getting my plans for summer and next year laid out. (more on that later, probably.) but as of now, i’m just planning and writing and trying to sleep and sleeping too much and working on my google calendar and honestly just trying to stay faithful in my current engagements while planning for the future.

what are you up to? what are your summer plans?

hope everything’s going well.



  1. yes i'm out of school and it's amazing :)

    also i love the style of this post. very creative xx

  2. One more month still??? YOU CAN DO IT! I just finished today, graduate in a week (yay).

    We're taking an extended vacation to visit family for most of June, then I hope to teach over the summer (or make money of some other sort).

  3. Summer plans? Don't have those...

    I'm finished with school but don't get up to much. Trying to break those bad habits.

    Trying to use my bullet journal to focus on chores and stuff. And read. I also need to write but I haven't brought myself to it. I don't even know why I'm chickening out...

  4. I'm getting out for school next week and I'm so excited for summer!!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  5. RACHEL!! I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU. <3 I hope you are able to get on a better sleep cycle- it's the worst when you aren't sleeping properly. It really affects your productivity. I've been in major summer mode ever since it stopped snowing (finally) and I honestly can't think about anything else. I'm trying to plan what I want to work on over the summer so super excited about that. Hopefully I can maintain my overwhelmness this year. lol probably not. o-o

    I hope you have an amazing summer! <3

    xx Kenzie

  6. Hi Rachel!!
    Keep powering through, you've got this. :)
    Good luck!!

  7. SAME. Paying attention is just HARD sometimes. I am glad that you are popping into my feed more often!

    Simply Me


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