long time no talk!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Long time no talk.
I’m supposed to be writing the rough draft of an essay in Spanish, but I haven’t written for my personal blog in a hot minute, so I decided to forego that in favor of this. Because you know. (((Priorities.)))

Things I’ve been doing!

So, about caramel macchiatos. 

I’m thoroughly convinced that they’re one of the best coffee drinks ever created for non-coffee drinkers. I absolutely hate black coffee and always need a ton of cream and sugar (curse me and my sweet tooth), so I adore mochas and iced mochas and frappuccinos and CARAMEL MACCHIATOS. The reason why the macchiato is my go-to drink is because, for a size small, it’s less than two hundred calories, and if I need a daily pick-me-up, I need the calorie count to not infringe upon my daily food calorie count.

Not that I count calories. I haven’t done that biz since junior year of high school. Too much of a hassle. Not worth the time or the effort or the energy tbh. But you know, like, practical principles. The higher the calories, the more you have to burn. 

Also, volunteering! I recently decided to volunteer at a nearby school library, and it has honestly been such a good decision because ya girl is finally surrounded by books she actually likes to read (not academic papers or PhD theses or pretentious articles by pretentious authors read by pretentious people and poor suffocated students who are just trying to get through college). I’m also volunteering for the concerts and events organization on campus that puts on our annual music festival, which happens this weekend. Come Saturday, I’ll probably be sweating my eyes out, surrounded by lots of intoxicated people, wearing a free volunteer T-shirt marked with perspiration stains, from ten-thirty in the morning until six p.m. It’ll be a grand time.

(But seriously. It’s my first music festival, so I’m going to try to have as great a time as I can before I get jaded.)


Let me tell ya folks, maintaining a blog is nOTHING on maintaining a weekly YouTube channel. I honestly had no idea it was so hard to upload a decent video every week. You know what I do to maintain a blog? I write for like twenty minutes, skim it to make sure the spelling/grammar/flow errors don’t wreck my reputation as a lit major/aspiring author, copy & paste from the word doc into blogger, and hit PUBLISH. 

You know what I do to maintain a YouTube channel? I figure out a video idea that’s creative, interesting (or at least somewhat appealing), and doable. Then I film. Then I upload all that footage to my computer (usually 45 mins-an hour’s worth), spend 6+ hours trying to edit it into a cohesive narrative, upload it, make the thumbnail, and figure out how to market/tag/everything it. I don’t understand how I published two videos per week during fall quarter; I really must have had nothing to do then. As it is, I’m slightly behind on my homework because I have to spend a whole day/night out of the week putting everything together. 

But dude. I love it.

How to spend money:

I’m not even going to talk about how easy it is. It gets easier the further along the year you go, because by the time spring quarter rolls around you’re kinda sick of dining hall food (even tho I think it’s still pretty good!!! just like, the same old same old!!) u know. Anyway, my bank account is suffering and I really need to alleviate its pain but like at the same time I don’t want to.

—> This is just a snapshot of stuff I’ve been doing over the past month or so. I have seven weeks until the end of the school year, which is absolutely insane (like!!! where did the time go???!!), but I’m so so so thankful for everything that’s happened. Like how. I don’t deserve this. I love this. I’m so incredibly hashtag blessed. But like seriously. Thank You, Jesus. I have food and a place to stay and things to do and people to see and I don’t deserve any of it but somehow I have it and I’m honestly just really, really happy.

*knocks on wood*

But honestly. Like. Yay!


  1. okay so. I LOVE COFFEE DRINKS. But I've never ever had a caramel macchiato. I'll have to try one SOON.

    Have fun at the music festival!

  2. Have fun! Volunteering at a library honestly sounds amazing. Also yes!!! YouTube is so hard this is probably why I'm so bad at it haha

  3. It's been a while since you've post this but I just wanted to let you know that I just find your random life posts interesting. And man, I need to watch more of your YouTube channel.


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