long time no talk!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Long time no talk.
I’m supposed to be writing the rough draft of an essay in Spanish, but I haven’t written for my personal blog in a hot minute, so I decided to forego that in favor of this. Because you know. (((Priorities.)))

how to lose yourself

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Call me foolish, but I tried to reinvent myself over spring break. Not a complete overhaul—there was no Mean Girls montage, just a little sprucing up. I tried to get lavender highlights and ended up with blond ones because the lavender washed out (I still like them though); I bought a pair of girlfriend jeans tight enough to be stylish, loose enough to be comfortable, and ripped enough for people to comment on; I tried lipstick for the first time this past week, and liked it. It was new, and different, and, quite frankly, kind of scary, but I think I know myself well enough at this point to be able to experiment with my exterior appearance and not feel the need to change anything about my personality. 
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