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Friday, February 16, 2018

Hi all,

This week I somehow forgot a lot of things. I forgot that in order to go to wake up in time for class, you have to go to sleep at least seven hours earlier. I forgot that if you want to get good grades in class, you have to, like, put in effort. And I forgot what it feels like to feel unmotivated.

It feels very...meh.

Or maybe I didn’t forget how it felt; maybe I just ignored it. Maybe I just didn’t feel like listening to the little hum in my chest that goes, Oh, dang, maybe you should study for that midterm! Or, oh, dang, maybe you should get off your phone and go to bed! Or, oh, dang, maybe you should, like, do your homework!




However, I did get some things done this week. I took a midterm. I added 1500 words to my manuscript. I applied for two jobs. I hung out with people. I did do some stuff. It’s just that, in the grand scheme of things, I feel like I could have done more.

And maybe that’s where the balance thing comes into play. Like, yes, I want to maximize the amount of time I have here, and I want to do things. But also, like, I want to give myself the freedom to just lie in bed and rest. And sometimes it’s okay to not do so much. But it’s also not okay to not work hard.

This weekend, I’m going off the grid for a church retreat. Then I’ll be back on Monday to watch Black Panther, relax, and recharge for the upcoming week. Rachel is going to go Out Of Her Funk. Rachel is going to Get A Good GPA (Or, At Least, A Decent One). Rachel’s Self Pity Moping Week Is Over. Rachel is Going To Do Things.

(God help me.)


  1. that picture made me very hungry, & you got this! have a great time at ur retreat:)

  2. Ooooh this is very #relatable even though I'm kind of on holiday atm until next week when lectures actually start, haha.
    Anyway, I mainly came here to tell you that I've just moved into my dorm and first of all really like it in general (I mean, not everything. But it's pretty fun) but also I feel like your blogs really capture that college life in a way I didn't understand until I started? I like how they get the fun and the study and the ins and outs of friendships and the spontaneity. You're pretty cool <3

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you're having fun in college! (Also glad you can relate, haha!)

      Hope you have an awesome time!


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