Sunday, December 17, 2017

  1. Interviewed for an internship
  2. Got said internship
  3. Watched Blade Runner. Vaguely disliked it.
  4. Played flag football
  5. Fractured my face while playing flag football
  6. Visited the emergency room for the first time (see: fractured face during flag football)
  7. Tried riding my bike once
  8. Only rode my bike once
  9. Dropped a class
  10. Wrote 12 blog posts
  11. Switched from paper planner to Google Calendar (one of the best decisions I’ve ever made lol)
  12. Got an A on my lit paper
  13. Failed a midterm
  14. Killed a midterm
  15. Went to a rooftop garden
  16. Tried to make friends with a bunch of old ladies
  17. Made actual friends
  18. Survived an earthquake
  19. Had a Stranger Things 2 marathon
  20. Watched Thor: Ragnarok
  21. Watched episodes of Black Mirror
  22. Pulled an all-nighter
  23. Watched sunrise during said all-nighter
  24. Made a routine out of going to the gym
  25. Ate at least 3 waffles
  26. Drank a lot of hot chocolate
  27. Ate a LOT of oatmeal (cinnamon & spice is my fave)
  28. Played broomball
  29. Watched a meteor shower from the beach
  30. Ate Burger King at 3am. Best worst decision I’ve ever made.
  31. Decided late nights were bad decisions but stayed up late anyway.
  32. Gained about a hundred subscribers on my YouTube channel.
  33. Made 22 videos.
  34. Bought clothes online for the first time ever
  35. Visited the Birch Aquarium
  36. Went to the beach at least eight times
  37. Ate some really good tacos
  38. Tried boba for the first time in like 5 years.
  39. Decided I still didn’t like boba.
  40. Hiked at Torrey Pines
  41. Read (am still reading) through Psalms
  42. Witnessed a stabbing
  43. Facetimed my friendos
  44. Watched Justice League
  45. Decided Justice League sucked
  46. Listened to Taylor Swift’s new album
  47. It’s BOMB. I love it so much.
  48. Received a number of lovely gifts from a number of lovely people
  49. Celebrated my eighteenth birthday
  50. Dealt with Internet haters
  51. Witnessed the building of a log cabin (that never actually got built?)
  52. Wrote four papers
  53. Semi-decided what I want to minor in
  54. Ate a lot of vegan food
  55. Got obsessed with tetris (again)
  56. Got obsessed with tetris battles
  57. Walked 109958488 miles
  58. Added about 7k words to my manuscript (really bad, but oh well)
  59. Got lost (multiple times)
  60. Didn’t get lost (also multiple times)
  61. Made (another) Instagram account
  62. Joined 4 Snapchat group chats
  63. Listened to “Havana” by Camila Cabello 1938598100 times
  64. Ate at least 2 jars of peanut butter (+ like 1094 apples)
  65. Had a lot of cheesecake from Pines. A lot.
  66. Visited the local library
  67. (Kinda) stopped caring about the number of people I know in real life who follow my public instagram
  68. Watched the entire Forbes Reckless series on YouTube
  69. Became a member at Christ & Pop Culture
  70. Subscribed to the New York Times so I could read all the things without having an article limit
  71. Witnessed a large number of gorgeous sunsets
  72. Actually used Facebook
  73. Carried a giant sheet cake on my lap in the bus
  74. Joined a church college group
  75. Joined a church small group
  76. Went to Vallarta’s (twice)
  77. Talked about playing tennis but never actually did
  78. Facetimed my family every Sunday
  79. Saw lots of raccoons. Like, lots of them.
  80. Wrecked my sleep schedule during week ten.
  81. Realized that I don’t know, exactly, what I want to do with my life
  82. Realized I didn’t know how to relax
  83. Drank a lot of Starbucks
  84. Ate a lot of frozen yogurt
  85. Stressed out a lot over things I didn’t need to stress out over
  86. Resolved to kick things up a notch during winter quarter

These past ten weeks have, by far, been some of the most fun weeks I’ve had in my life. I’m thankful because this quarter was easy--with only three classes and an internship, I had a lot of time to spend with people, and for that, I’m truly thankful.

I’ve also think I’ve grown as a person--grown in my faith, grown in the ways I interact with others, and just grown in general (though not in stature). There are a number of things I want to work on in winter quarter--researching study abroad, looking into career options and internships, etc.--but all in all, I’m just thankful I had a good first quarter.

Here’s to eleven more!



    Yes, this semester has grown me as well... *cheers* to an even better Spring! Have a good break and a very Merry Christmas. :)

  2. sounds lit hahaha!! can't wait to see you guys soon! but can you explain the "witnessed a stabbing"??????

    1. Hahahaha...I'll explain when I see you next week :)

  3. Sounds amazing and stressful and crazy all at the same time :) But overall I'd say you had a pretty great time! Loved this post :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Yay, you go, Rachel! Sounds like your first semester (? are you the one who does quarters?) was eventful and productive!

    Merry (v late) Christmas and here's to 2018!

  5. I loved reading this so much!! So many stories from this that I want to hear. xD


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