Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How does one build a log cabin?

I’m tired of thinking in the abstract. The first few weeks of college, thinking in the abstract was cool. It made me feel intellectual (or pseudointellectual). I liked feeling like I had deep thoughts. I liked feeling smart.

But then I just got tired of it. I’m tired of reading articles where people basically ponder everything and affect nothing. It’s cool that we’ve got academics to think those deep thoughts, but in some sense, big words are simply letters strung together. Abstract concepts are very loosely tethered to reality. Some aren’t even reality, but that’s the so-called fun in it--people like to argue whether they’re real or not--but does that even matter in the end, I wonder? Thinking about things beyond this realm are twisty and topsy-turvy, but sometimes I just want to have both feet on the ground and my head firmly screwed onto my shoulders.

How do you construct a log cabin?

Is it with your bare hands or someone else’s, on top of the grit and grime of the ground? Is it the log cabin in your head, the opposite of your castle in the air? Is it the one you build for your family at night, three walls up as a shield against the cold and the coyotes?

How do you create your log cabin?

Here’s how I build my log cabin: I gather some sticks in the woods. Then I cut them to make them the right size. Then I slice notches into them, lay them together, and voila, there’s my log cabin. Sometimes it’s a way for me to ponder the concept of home, place, and centered gravity. Other days, though, it’s just a freaking log cabin. Because you can’t support wooden beams with academic papers, nor can you warm frigid souls with honey-smooth diction. Sometimes you have to burn the paper to create the fire; sometimes you have to eat the honey to fuel your mind and heart.

How do you make a log cabin?

Speaking of log cabins, some of the guys in my building are currently in the process of building one in front of our res hall. It’s kind of stupid, but it’s also kind of funny. Check out the vlog down below :) (PLUG PLUG PLUG)


  1. Whoa....that was so cool. I mean like, COOL. I never thought about it that way before. I almost want to paste that into little reminder for myself, because let me tell you I need it!

  2. That's neat that you're making a log cabin! And yeah, I do relate about thinking in the abstract-- as I've gone through this past year, I've been more rooted in reality than I am in the headspace, and this new perspective has been an interesting change. ^.^

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  3. This is such an interesting perspective. You're my favorite.

  4. i looooooooove this. your musings are always so eloquent + full of new perspectives :) xx


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