Sunday, October 22, 2017

7:30am: I don’t have an 8am class, but somehow my body has somehow engineered itself to wake up at 7:30 every day, without fail, even if I’ve gone to bed at 3:30am. It SUCKS. I feel like my body’s trying to decide if it’s a night owl or an early bird and hasn’t figured it out quite yet.

After I wake up, I stay in bed until about 8am, which is when I actually get up.

I didn’t have a morning routine in high school, but I’ve found that it helps to have one in college, mostly because it adds organization and structure and gives me time to orient myself before I actually start my day. I usually take a shower, do my makeup, read my Bible, maybe journal, eat breakfast (usually a granola bar or oatmeal), drink coffee, wash my dishes, and make my bed. I also answer emails and make a to-do list for the day. Sometimes I do laundry. Sometimes I go on a walk. Sometimes I do it all and then get back into bed and take a nap.

10am: Run errands, try to write, and do homework. My earliest class is at 9am on Thursdays, but besides that, my schedule’s really nice--most of my classes are in the afternoon--so I reserve mornings for time to myself. The markets on-campus are super expensive, so sometimes I take the bus to the shopping center and buy stuff at Ralphs and Trader Joe’s. It usually takes over an hour to do it, so I have to make sure there’s a big block of time for me to go.

I’ve also been trying to work on my book, but in the past week, I’ve only worked on it for forty minutes--I think I need to factor it into my morning schedule. I also try to get ahead on homework, although oftentimes that doesn’t work out.

11:30am: Since my breakfast is small, I usually get lunch pretty early. Unless I have leftovers from the night before, I go to one of the dining halls; the closest one to me is Foodworx, which is one of the lowest-rated ones on campus, mostly because of its lack of options. Pizza, salad, wraps, and sandwiches constitute most of its menu, although it has waffles at breakfast. It’s not bad, just boring.

In high school, I honestly didn’t care about eating with people. A lot of times, I’d just hide out with my sandwich in a teacher’s classroom, listening to music. But here, I’ve found, I don’t want to go alone. I love talking to people, and even though it’s nice to be alone sometimes, it’s not something I want to do all the time, or even most of it. People are important. It’s a motto I’m trying to put into practice.

1pm: My first class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is my literature class. It’s the only one that I’m taking this quarter towards my major, and it’s my favorite by far, mostly because of my professor, who explains Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, and medieval literature in lectures that resemble theatrical performances. Canterbury Tales was written at a time when English was a mishmash of English, French, and Latin, so when I read it, I don’t understand ninety-five percent of what Chaucer says. In my other two classes, I don’t like going to lecture, but I like doing the reading; in my literature class, I like going to lecture but I don’t like doing the reading. Ironic, isn’t it?

2pm: I have an hour-long gap between my lit class and my stats one, which I spend in a variety of ways. Once I took a nap and was almost late to stats. I’ve gone to Starbucks multiple times; sometimes I go into Geisel and hang out with church people there.

3pm: Stats. Ugh.

4pm: After stats, my suitemate/friend Natalie (who also happens to be in the class) and I often go to Yogurt World, this amazing frozen yogurt place on campus. It’s incredible. Also incredibly expensive. But incredible.

4:30pm: I do the homework/studying that I absolutely need to do right after my last class of the day. People are still getting off class and stuff, so it’s usually pretty quiet.

6pm: Dinner!!! I try to go to different dining halls every day, but so far the ones I’ve frequented most are Foodworx and Pines. Foodworx is located where I am, in Sixth College; Pines has incredible cheesecake and is located in Muir, which is kind of close.

After dinner, I usually do more homework, but I’m usually hanging out with people simultaneously, so I’m not usually efficient with it. Mornings are for myself; afternoon is for school; nights are for people. If I have a vlog due that day, I’ll edit at night. Once a week, I have an evening small group with some other girls from my church; on Fridays I have my church college group.

11pm-1am: Evening routine, and bed. By the end of the day, I’m usually so exhausted that I don’t want to do much before flopping into bed.

That’s how I’ve been living in college, mostly. It’s been lovely setting my own schedule, eating what I want when I want, and figuring out how to be an adult with a bunch of other students who are also trying to figure it out. I’m trying to milk the novelty of independence for all that it’s worth; who knows when it’ll wear off, but I’m trying to have a good time with it while I can.

How has your school year been? How are you doing?


  1. Giiirl, I thought I was the only one struggling with Chaucer's canterbury tales when I was in Brit Lit! XD English being my minor (and NOT my mother tongue), I was wondering if I'd even made it out of the lectures alive. Turns out I barely passed that course, but I surprised myself remembering most of ther

    In Canada, for some reason, we don't make university an as big of a deal than Americans, so I never felt the need to move out of the house to go to uOttawa (I leave 30 minutes away from campus). It's my third year this semester, and the first one during which I have a part-time job and 4 classes instead of 5. Juggling with those two plus friends and church is still a struggle to this day haha :D

    Glad to see you're enjoying yourself :)

  2. I love schedules! I know it sounds like I'm a nit-pick-control-structure-freak, xP but I'm not, I enjoy to-do lists and routines, and I like it when other cool people do posts about them. Great job!!

    My school year has been going well. I'm hopping busy, that's for sure, but I'm really enjoying it. <3 (ARTS (singing, dancing, art, drama) on Mondays, my sister teaches the little brother of a friend of mine so we hang out on Tuesdays, biology lab and Youth Group on Wednesdays, babysitting on Thursdays, jazz on Fridays, swing-dancing every other Saturday, and Church and stuff on Sundays, plus my tons of school lol.) So I'm pretty occupied. <3 ;D

  3. That sounds like such an interesting day. I myself still eat lunch by myself (though we can't eat in classrooms) so I just go outside. It's okay because I finish my food pretty quickly I guess.

    I'm not really in 'proper' college yet. It's basically a one year course and if I pass, I will go to uni. Yayyy!

  4. You have an awesome schedule! I love that you save your mornings for yourself; that's the best way to start the day. I definitely want to devote more morning time to Bible reading and taking walks. Cool post! :)

  5. I really love posts like this :)

  6. I love posts like this, and will definitely do some when I start university. Right now my schedule's been a bit all over the place because I'm not going to school and haven't started university (I start in February which is scary but exciting). I'm currently recovering from jet lag from my trip to europe which was amazing, and also trying to figure out what my plans are until december.


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