Sunday, September 3, 2017

My brothers started school, and a lot of my friends have already begun college, but I go to a school that’s on the quarter system--which means I move in on September seventeenth. Because I have nothing to do, I decided to challenge myself to write and publish a blog post every single day, as well as come out with new videos every other day. It’s an avalanche of content that is most significant, for me, in the fact that I’m just trying to do it. I don’t really expect people to read it every single day or watch all the videos (although it’d be great if they do); I just want to work hard.
I would also love to finish the first draft of my current work-in-progress, which I’ve been brainstorming/plotting/planning all summer, as well as brainstorm for my next one. That may or may not happen, but I’m trying to push myself to do more, so here goes!

This is The Countdown.

One of my favorite people in the world is my ex-youth-group-leader, Jess. (I’ve graduated from my youth group, which is a new and strange transition for me; hence the “ex”). She’s hilarious and has a lot of interesting things to say, which is why I thought it’d be fun to bring her into discuss consumption, creativity, and Christianity. (Also, incidentally, she’s appeared in two other videos, mostly on accident.)

This video is probably the longest one I’ve ever made/edited, but it also has a certain amount of depth, mostly due to the fact that Jess’s presence amps up the maturity/intellectual level. We talk about a lot of random stuff, but underlying the conversation is the question of how we, as Christians (or honestly, just people in general), consume culture. Actively or passively, and in what context? What’s a “bad” movie, and what’s a “good” movie? How do we consume art created by artists who have different perspectives than we do?

It was awesome to hear from someone wiser and more knowledgeable than I, and I hope you gained something from watching the video. (I know it’s long, haha--we talked a lot.)

If you’d like more stuff like this, let me know in the comments. And tell me--how do you consume culture, and how does your belief system inform this consumption?

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