Thursday, September 7, 2017

Vlogging, I’m told, has kind of a cringey connotation to it. And much of it is. I mean, I don’t want to watch a thirty-minute vlog of someone waking up, eating toast, going to the store, and watching TV. If I’m going to spend thirty minutes of my time watching something, it better be entertaining.

But I vlog for several reasons. The first is that I simply like filming things and piecing them together in iMovie. It’s a really fun, creative pastime for me, and I have an interest in filmmaking; I even went to a film camp to see if it was something I wanted to pursue further. (Lessons learned: I don’t like directing, but I do like acting and writing.)

The second is that it allows me to see beauty in the mundane. Most of my vlogs aren’t of incredible things that I’ve done. I don’t skydive or jump off cliffs or meet celebrities. But there’s a challenge in taking a clip that might be boring and trying to make it entertaining, and it’s a challenge that I take on every single time I sit down to edit a vlog. I don’t know how well I succeed at that, but all I want to do is get better at it, so I keep at it.

The third reason why I vlog is because it’s for nostalgia’s sake. In a few years, I want to rewatch all my vlogs and look back and compare the two versions of myself. Did I grow as a person? Did I achieve my goals? Am I constantly striving to better myself and what I make? Maybe it’ll be inspiration for me in the future; maybe it’ll be cringey for Future Me. It probably will be. But are people’s opinions--including my own potential ones--going to stop me from doing this? No.

And, to tie it all up, here’s another vlog for you, episode eleven. It has puppies and me ranting about Pinterest and a tour of the coolest library I’ve ever been inside and more!!!! (are you sold yet?).

Hope you enjoy.

opinions on pinterest?


  1. YOUR VLOGS ARE THE BEST RACHEL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. LOL I love your option on the pretty people of Pinterest. HAH! I have never thought about that but it's so true! I might just have to search ugly on there to see what they think is ugly.


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