Thursday, September 14, 2017

I have three days until I move to San Diego, and my room is currently even more of a mess than it was before, but that’s okay. It’s okay, because I’m purging.

I’m purging because I have this blessed/cursed ability to see the potential in everything. If I see a blank piece of paper, I think, Hey! A blank piece of paper! I can write on it, draw on it, etc., etc., etc., etc.! If I see a random shoebox, I think, Hey! Maybe one of these days I can make a diorama of, like, Atlantis and make it super artsy! If I see a card someone gave to me for my eighth birthday, I think, Hey! Maybe I should keep it in case I really want to feel nostalgic about my eighth birthday! It’s really not so much about hoarding/feeling “in control” as much as it is me being optimistic about my options. Realistically? I’m not going to make a diorama of Atlantis. It could happen, but it probably isn’t. And if I do make a diorama of Atlantis, is it the best use of my creative energy and time? Probably not.

Same for the birthday card. Did the fact that I was eight, at some point, matter to me? Yes. Is it really relevant now? No. It isn’t. I moved past eight. I’m almost eighteen now.

I actually talk a lot about this subject, and I still massively, massively need to work on it, but the point is, throw out the junk. Most of the battle is simply identifying it.

  • Is it helping your process/you/your story?
    • If so, then keep it.
  • Is it taking up space?
    • Toss it.
  • Is it hurting your process/you/your story?
    • Toss it.

Simple. Bag it, trap it, toss it in the casket (aka the trash can THIS IS WHY I’M NOT A RAPPER).

Throw out the junk.

(Just a side note, I feel like a massive hypocrite by writing this post. I’m the clutteriest person I know. I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this. Maybe I’m trying to get myself to get off this bed and actually finish cleaning the rest of the room.)


  1. Ugh I completely relate - my family is moving and have to do roomfuls of clearing out *shakes head*

    Byw thanks for writing that post on discovering Maggie Stiefvater - I've been sifting through her archies since I read that!

    Also hi. I've followed you for a bit but didn't comment till now. You have a very nice blog ^-^


  2. I am so bad at keeping things its kind of crazy. My mom is like really into trying to get rid of stuff though so it's just the tiniest bit annoying. :)

  3. I am the WORST about never throwing things away. Like, I want to keep EVERYTHING- I'm so freaking sentimental, ahaha. But I'm really trying to work on living more minimally. This was a great post, Rachel!!

  4. Wow, so true. I am definitely a hoarder because I get super emotionally attached to things, including characters in books, television and movies. ;D



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