Monday, September 11, 2017

I had just flopped onto my bed when I realized that I still hadn’t written a blog post for tomorrow (or, rather, today, as it’s past two in the morning). I’d been up for hours trying to bang out some ideas for a novel o’ mine, and I had meant to write the post but then I didn’t until now.
Here is a pep talk for myself, with a note to all of the haters (of which there are few).

One, there is a reason why you’re doing this.
There’s a reason why you’re banging away at a post at well-past-two-in-the-morning, Rachel. That reason is because you told yourself you’d write seventeen posts, and you told yourself you’d write seventeen posts because you wanted to teach yourself discipline, and you wanted to teach yourself discipline because you’re dedicated to becoming a good writer. Good writers are disciplined. (Ish.)
Two, their opinions don’t matter.
You made the thing. Unless there’s something objectively wrong with what you made, and someone points it out with love and grace, you don’t have to care about their opinions. You don’t have to care about whether they think it’s cringe or not; you don’t have to care about whether they think it’s good or not. The point is, you made the thing. You’re doing your best. And if there’s a learning curve? Everyone has a learning curve.

Three, make the best thing you possibly can with the amount of time, energy, and resources that you have. DON’T BE UNREALISTIC!!!
That might mean the blog post is two hundred words instead of four hundred. That might mean the video is thirty minutes’ worth of well-crafted, well-shot, and well-edited footage. It depends on the parameters. Don’t try to squeeze acrylic paint out of the tube onto a twenty-by-twenty-foot canvas and call it art. People will see through that. Instead, cut the canvas to one-by-one-foot and use the brushes you have. Make the challenge somewhat within your reign of terror.

Four, you might not be good yet, but you’re on your way to being there.

Five, The Aforementioned Note.
Dear Haters, there are probably only like three of you as of this current moment in time, and two of you exist in my head. Thanks for being there. You make me feel legitimized, and also relieved, because the fact that you exist also means that I’m not the only one who occasionally wastes her time out here in this wide, wide universe.
To the ones in my head - quiet yourselves.
To the one(s) in real life - Oh well. We can’t all get along.

Here’s a video of me dialoguing with myself about whether or not I suck. (Spoiler: the ending is inconclusive.)


  1. your "reign of terror". oh gosh i love that <3 <3 <3 <3 ;D

    1. Also i totally understand that grieving process when someone unfollows your channel/blog. xD

  2. I love this post and I have seriously had some of these thoughts before! Haha. :)

  3. Wow, this was really encouraging. Also, it's so great to see someone else struggle because sometimes I feel like it's only me. <3
    You are a great writer, a beautiful lady, and a kind person. You do not, nor ever will, suck.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for these reminders. I loved the video, and I'm pretty sure that you hacked my brain on that one, because I'm constantly worrying about whether I suck. Thank you for this. <3

    Also? I've been following for a while- and you have not once sucked. Just saying.

  5. THAT VIDEO IS VERY INSPIRATIONAL. I tend to think those thoughts a little too often, ack.

    ^^^^ Grace Anne hit it spot on :) You've never sucked. Your work is amazing and continues to inspire me so much.


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