FIVE STAR/MEAD PRODUCT REVIEW (giveaway coming soon)

Friday, August 4, 2017

I don’t know if you remember, but last year, I had the awesome opportunity to review Five Star + Mead back-to-school products (which included a stellar photoshoot with my friend Rachael). This year, I’m pleased to announce that I was able to review products again for Five Star + Mead! (I received the products for free in exchange for my honest opinion.)

le zipper binder
I received the Five Star Four-Inch Zipper Binder (basically a really fancy binder with a lot of compartments); the Add-a-Folder (which lets you put snap a folder inside a notebook); the Flex Hybrid Notebinder (which is like a notebook and a binder combined in one); the Storage and Organization Pocket (which has a place for your calculator!); the Zipper Binder + Expansion Panel (loads of compartments and things to store stuff); Tabbed Pocket Dividers; and, finally, the Expandable Backpack, which is pretty rad, honestly.

le notebinder

I received the Notebinder last year, and it was awesome. Most binders I use break by the second semester, but I used the Notebinder the entire year. And mind you, I’m pretty hard on my school supplies, so that’s definitely saying something about the quality. The Expandable Backpack is ENORMOUS but surprisingly light (perfect for storing books, notebooks, binders, etc.), and the notebooks are gloriously large and roomy.

five star expandable backpack
I will say something about the tabs and inserts, though: they break. The Notebinder comes with a bunch of plastic section dividers with pockets, and they broke halfway through the school year. This is inevitable with whatever brand you use, but that’s just a heads-up: don’t expect the inserts to last through the entire year.

Other than that, the products all seem well-designed and serviceable. Any pocket can be used for anything; the designers maximized the space they were given to make the most they could fit, and the number of compartments makes it easy for disorganized users to become organized.

Special thanks to Five Star, Mead, and the Adcom Group for sending me these products.

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