Monday, May 29, 2017

We’ve been told that all good things must come to an end. Even things that feel permanent. Stuff that maybe we take for granted. Like this town. Or for me, my mom. So how tightly are we supposed to hold onto the stuff we love? Really tightly? Or not at all? Should we be sad when they go away? Should we fight? Or is letting stuff we love go inevitable, like the old adage says?

- The Last Boy and Girl in the World, Siobhan Vivian

I’ve been reading young adult fiction a lot more lately, but it’s the frank, endearing, non-simpering kind of young adult that I swallow in small bites and finish feeling satisfied. I think it’s because I finally relate to it, the catch and release, even though I still love middle grade fiction.

One such book is The Last Boy and Girl in the World, by Siobhan Vivian, and I couldn’t put it down. You can, of course, google the blurb and read what the publisher says it’s about, but for me, it was a story about a girl who was trying to do everything and anything to compensate for things she couldn’t control and feelings she didn’t know. There’s a boy in the book, but it’s more about the moment than the boy itself--the feeling that, in the face of The End of a town and a lifestyle and a stage in life, really the only thing you can do is ask “why not?” and leap forward.

My town isn’t being flooded by river water. I’m not having a breezy romance with someone I wouldn’t have a chance with in any other circumstance. But these past couple of weeks, I’ve been collecting moments, moments where I feel like Keeley, the last girl in the world, trying to do whatever whenever because I can.

I’m listing my collection of moments down here. They might seem small. I’m not one for doing actually crazy stuff or getting in trouble just for the heck of it, but I’m also not one to lose control, either, so for me, these were exhilarating and spontaneous and everything that I don’t do on a regular basis.


Breathing in dollar store fumes as my friends and I plaster someone’s car with Saran wrap, Silly String, and Post-its. When she comes out, we hide behind a car, then surprise her with an air horn that only has two horn noises in it. It’s an eight-dollar prank with a thousand-dollar value. We’re a little too loud, but I blame it on the fumes.

Quick, syncopated heart thumps, because the garage door opens and our friends jump out, squirting water guns at us. Two minutes later, more people pop out from the backyard and dump buckets filled with water on our backs. I’m wearing jeans, but it’s hot out, and I’m laughing.

After they ambush us, we hop in our cars and go to Yogurtland. On our way back, we race, wind whipping through the open windows. They’re blasting some kind of trap music, but we’ve got Jesus music from Air1 going on, because my bluetooth isn’t working that day.

Accidentally lighting my marshmallow on fire, then squishing it between two halves of graham cracker and Hershey’s chocolate as my family roasts marshmallows literally and each other figuratively.

Sitting in the car after a good gym workout, muscles aching pleasantly. I only exercise for the endorphins.

It’s too hot to do anything else, so during our youth group picnic, I dig out the water balloons and start a fight. Everyone targets me. I feel attacked, but in a positive and uplifting way.

I finally convince all my Asian friends to dress up as bananas for our last high school dance ever. I’m pretty sure only we get the joke.

Chocolate-chip banana bread, waffle fries, fried chicken, s’mores, cookies, ice cream, three days full of junk.

My mother wakes me up at six-thirty to go to Newport Beach. I go from sleeping in my bed to sleeping on the sand, listening to the waves crash.

So far, this is my collection. There are plenty more that I haven’t thought of and many I don’t remember, but it’s the ones that you do remember that count.

What’s most important, however, is the fact that moment collection spans across one’s entire lifetime. Because even though this is a small list, more will be added later, throughout different sections of my life. Once I move past the Last Girl in the World stage, I’ll add moments from the Reality Bites stage, moments from the Always & Forever stage, and so on.

It keeps going, and the fact that it keeps going keeps me going, too.


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  2. love this so much ahh that sounds like tons of fun haha!!

  3. yesss girl i love this post! it's getting me excited about making memories with my friends this summer! <3


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