Saturday, May 27, 2017

I’ve spent the past few weeks of my life tossing crumpled dollar bills into car cupholders, laughing so wide my cheeks force my eyes to close, drinking caramel frappes at midnight, scribbling on car windows with markers bought at the ninety-nine cent store, talking to people I’ve never talked to before in my life. Some say it’s living; some say it’s life; some say it’s the last few weeks of high school.

The wifi at my school cut out, because all the juniors are doing state testing, so I haven’t been able to work on the writing course I signed up for. And when the wifi is on, I don’t know what to write, because you can’t write about what you’re doing when you’re in the moment. You just have to live it. Sometimes you have to sit there, in a silent classroom, and stare off into space and think about what you’ve been doing and what why you’re doing it and what more you want to do. Thinking is scribbling things on the chalkboard in your head—at least, that’s how I justify doing nothing.

The last day of school, for me, is June ninth. After that is a week of senior activities, June fifteenth is graduation, and after that, we’re done.

I’m done.

I’m relieved and I’m screaming and I’m exhausted and I’m exhilarated and I’m everything I have been in the past four years and more, because I’ll be done and we’ll be done and and I’m sad, but also, I’m not.

I’m not.


  1. Sounds like these past couple of weeks have been good for you. Out of curiosity, though, what kind of senior activities do you do? Our schools hosts only two: the crossover assembly and senior fun day.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    1. We have senior breakfast, senior Disneyland day, and grad night :)

  2. Do you mind me asking where you live? (I can't remember!) All the county public schools where I live (North GA) got out yesterday and graduation was today, so yours seems super late!


    1. I live in Southern California :) And yes, we're pretty late compared to a lot of schools, unfortunately

  3. I hope you enjoy every second of the rest of senior year. <3

  4. I freaking love you.
    You're just SO. GOOD. @ WRITING


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