Saturday, April 15, 2017

I think I've tweeted about this before, but I honestly love vegetables. I've compiled a list of my top faves.

1) ONIONS. These are deLICIOUS. Most recently, I have been loving them grilled on my In-n-out burgers, but for many, MANY years, I always got them raw (I stopped doing that because I could taste In-n-out on my breath for the rest of the day). They're just freaking delicious--all spicy and hot in a way that clears your sinuses and generally just tasty in an all-American kind of way. You know that part in the book Holes where Stanley Yelnats and Zero eat raw onions? I think that was my favorite part in the entire book. (It's one of the only parts I actually remember.)

2) CARROTS. Carrots are really good. I've been eating them since I hated vegetables, so they've stuck with me for a while. They never disappoint--they're great when they're dipped raw in Ranch dressing, or if you need to chop them up for a nice salad or stir-fry, or if you want a mushier version and cook them in butter and maple syrup. They're chock-full of Vitamin A, too, which apparently improves your eyesight, but I think that's a myth, because I've eaten approximately a thousand pounds of them in my lifetime and my vision is still like -10. Oh well.

3) TOMATOES. Once upon a time, I LOATHED tomatoes with all my heart. My mom used to force me to eat them--I think my most traumatic food memory came from when she forced me to eat a cherry tomato at a friend's house and I gagged and spit it up in a napkin. (I still don't eat cherry tomatoes, lol.) But a few years ago I started realizing that tomatoes are actually really good. And now I adore them, especially when they're in bruschetta or a mozarella-basil-tomato salad, or if they're sliced and fried with garlic and onion powder. I think literature largely influenced my decision to begin eating them--in the very beginning of Little Town on the Prairie, Pa eats them with cream in a little saucer (which sounds REALLY GOOD), and in Matilda, Mr. Wormwood eats fried green tomatoes. I've always wanted to try fried green tomatoes. I make do with pan-fried sliced red tomatoes.

4) LETTUCE. Lettuce is so slept on. It is literally THE STUFF that salads are made of. At the moment, my favorite kind of lettuce is butter lettuce, but I love spinach and romaine. Honestly, any salad is good. My love for it has gotten to the point where I use barely any salad dressing when I eat it--it just makes the lettuce soggy and gross and not like lettuce at all. You have to have that fresh, fluffy lettuce in your salad. If you've got too much dressing, your salad is really Ranch soup with some green things in it. DON'T SETTLE FOR RANCH SOUP!

5) CUCUMBERS. I have a confession. I can't eat cucumbers by themselves, but when they're in a salad, or in water? YUM. They're super crisp and refreshing and transport you to this kind of Zen-like state whenever you eat them. Also, when they're soaked in that Greek yogurt sauce thing? The BOMB.

6) CABBAGE. I used to hate cabbage because Asians cook it (partly why I despise Yoshinoya) and cooked cabbage is gross and slimy, but cabbage salad is so good. I recently had it with chipotle sauce over a fish taco, and DANG. It was ZESTY.

These are my top six favorite vegetables. I relish these ones. There are others that I can eat but don't really enjoy (kale, bell peppers, peas, Brussels sprouts) and a few that I am close to despising (broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower), but for the most part, I really just love vegetables.

However, if you have been rolling your eyes at this post because, unlike me, you despise vegetables, never fear!! I have some tips for you!

-When you cook vegetables, use spices and sauces that you actually like. For the longest time, I hated vegetable stir-fry because it was mostly shiitaki mushrooms soaked in soy sauce. I despise shiitaki mushrooms, and I don't like soy sauce. However, when I started realizing that I could experiment in the kitchen, I started making stuff that I knew I'd actually like. Instead of soy sauce, I usually pan-fry sliced tomatoes, carrots, onions, corn, and spinach/lettuce in a little vegetable oil and liberally shake pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder over all of it. Sometimes, if I need something more like an entree than a snack, I add egg or a little meat. Then I heap it all steaming onto a plate and squirt some Sriracha next to it, or I dip it in leftover Chick-fil-a sauce. Be creative. Experiment.

-Salads are super easy to make, and very easy to improvise. If you don't have "legit" salad dressing, use vinegar (red/white wine, balsamic) and oil as a makeshift dressing. I actually prefer it over Ranch, Caesar, and Italian now. If you don't like croutons, Trader Joe's has this great fried onion bits thing that you can put over your salad. It's not super healthy, but it tastes good and you don't need a lot because it's super flavorful. Also, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and slices of mozzarella doused in balsamic vinegar and oil are awesome. 

Comment if you want me to do a post about fruit because if there is something I love more than vegetables, it's fruit.


  1. I'm pretty sure that I have never seen a post like this! I love the creativity. Veggies are awesome however I am more of a leafy green person. I'm not a huge fan of tomato and onion but I love green veggies. Kale, chard, and asparagus all the way!

    You're stir fry dish sounds super duper yummy.


  2. your posts are always so original I'M LOVIN IT. i also love vegetables, i often eat them as a snack as opposed to sweet things and my friends look at me like i'm crazy :P

    i absolutely love tomatoes (i pair them with salt? it sounds kind of strange but i promise it's sooo good) and some people don't and it makes me sad :( carrots are so good, my grandma used to boil them for me and i'd devour them lol

    uh that stir fry sounds amazing, mail some to me pls?

    ~ noor

  3. DUDE I loved this post! A fruit one YES.

  4. First I am reading holes in my english class. Second super cool post!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  5. This made me smile. :)

    I would love to read a post about your favorite fruits. <3

  6. I like vegetables mainly when they're in my stir fry. I used to hate broccoli. It's not that I love it now, I just like when it's in stir fry, you know? In small amounts.

    ONIONS ARE THE BEST. Especially when fried *drools*

    I don't like carrots as much as I used to. Maybe it's because I kept eating them while I was sick and I vomited them.

    I like spring onions/scallions and fried tomatoes as well.


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