Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I feel like March has lasted like a million years but also one second.

→ DID ←

WORKED ON MY NOVEL. A week or two ago, I decided to change the narration/tense from third-person past to first-person present, and I’m really enjoying the rewriting process. I wrote almost every single day last week, and even though I’m busier this week, I’m still hoping to make time for it and work at it some more.

EDITED (ANOTHER) MUSIC VIDEO. This one is the official version! Check it out in this blog post :)

WROTE MORE SONGS. They’re all pretty bad, though, but it’s a learning curve.

COLLEGE. This has been a BIG one. The decisions have been rolling out in waves, and all of us seniors are just kind of standing there and being hit by them because we can’t do anything else. I got into UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Irvine (which I mentioned in my last post), and UC Santa Barbara. I was waitlisted at UCLA. UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard should all be coming out this week, though, so I don’t know. Judging from right now, though, I’m probably going to end up at UCSD.

PLANNED/ORGANIZED/RAN NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INDUCTION. One of the biggest projects that the National Honor Society board undertakes is inducting the new members into NHS. It was honestly kind of fun for me--I love doing administrative work, and so organizing it and making sure it all ran smoothly was fun (but stressful) for me. It was kind of cool to see it all come full-circle; just two years ago, I was in their shoes, walking down the aisle with candles. This year, I inducted my brother and all the other sophomores/juniors who got in. It’s actually kind of insane.

WENT TO A WOMEN’S CONFERENCE! Some of the women from my church (including my mom and I) signed up for a women’s conference at a church nearby! We listened to Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson talk about relationships with our church family, our actual family, and our friends. It was my first women’s conference, and I enjoyed it.

PRETENDED TO BE MY MOM FOR A DAY. My mom went away this past weekend, and my dad had to work, so I was the Substitute Mom for the day. I drove my little sister to her soccer game, then all my siblings to lunch, then both of my brothers to their activities as well. I was so exhausted that when I got home, I immediately took a two-hour nap. I honestly didn’t know driving was that tiring, but now I’m much more appreciative of my mom, haha.

READ A LOT. I went on a reading streak last week because I didn’t really have anything else to do. Honestly, I don’t really remember what I read, but I remember that I read some really good books. I’ve found that reading is kind of my “fuel” for writing--if I don’t read, I don’t remember to write, but if I do read, I get inspired to work some more on my book.

HAD MY SECOND JOB INTERVIEW. LOLZ. I had a job interview at an ice cream place that occurred at 10:15pm at night, which would’ve been kind of shady had three other people not been waiting after me. It went pretty well, but I think my erratic summer schedule is a deterrent for a lot of employers. I’m actually debating just not getting one.

CONTINUED TUTORING. I’ve got a fairly steady $30-a-week job tutoring someone, which I think is going fairly well. I actually enjoy tutoring, so I’m glad that I have at least a little bit of money to spend.

QUIT THE DRUMS. I’ve been trying to keep it up for a few months, but ultimately I decided it wasn’t worth the financial investment. It’s hard to practice, man. (But my brother is going to stick with it, and he’s probably going to try out for the high school drumline next year, so I’m excited for him!)


EXERCISING. Kind of? On average, I’ve been going to the gym about twice a week. Which really isn’t that good. I’m trying to up that to three times a week, with running three miles a day in between, so we’ll see how that goes.

EATING. I’m really, really working to control my eating. Honestly, I just like sugar too much, and since my family likes both healthy and unhealthy foods, it’s been kind of an up-down curve with it. Prayers that I’ll be more self-controlled.

TRYING TO STUDY?? AP tests are coming up and I have no motivation.

WRITING. I’m writing more than ever, mostly because I have a lot of time, which I hope will be fruitful in the long run.


FIGURE OUT WHICH COLLEGE I’M GOING TO ATTEND. UCLA waitlist decisions don’t come out until after May first, so until then, I’ll probably just be waiting. For now, though, I’ll most likely be attending UCSD. Everything is still up in the air, though.

literally just everything.

How are you doing? What have you been up to?


  1. My goodness, your life has been busy!! I hope that you have a great April, Rachel:)

  2. "literally just everything" <--- lol my life right now

    I loved reading this post, Rachel! Hope April goes well for you :)

  3. This was a fun post to read.
    I totally understand the stress of figuring out college stuff and crazy job searching. But it's great that you're reading and writing more, keep up with it! I've found that reading and writing steadily is a good stress reliever for me.
    Good luck with April! :)

  4. I'm writing a lot more myself but I only read two books this month. TWO. So embarrassing. *Sighs*

    I'm also trying to learn languages. Yahh


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