Wednesday, February 1, 2017

so, home girl COMPLETELY forgot to do Senior Updates V in January. So here's an early-February edition of it. enjoy!

Previous monthly updates -

DANG, can you believe we’re ALREADY on the fifth installment of Senior Updates? I feel like this is the one thing that I’ve ever been consistent with. (Also, quick grammar note: I really hate hanging prepositions, but restructuring sentences in order to eradicate them is even more awkward than having them on. So if you’re ever thinking, I HATE HER HANGING PREPOSITIONS, I’m sorry. I’m trying to follow the rules of the common vernacular.)

→ DID ←

FINISHED COLLEGE APP SUBMISSIONS! I did this at the tail end of December, right before the January 1st/January 3rd submission dates. I procrastinated. I will admit this. But I am done.

FINISHED MY NOVEL! I don’t quite remember when I finished it, but I’m pretty sure this was also at the tail end of December. I ended at 34k, which isn’t fantastic, but for a middle grade novel, it’s all right. Not as many words as a high fantasy, that’s for sure. I’m taking a break from it at the moment.

STARTED WRITING/PLANNING OTHER BOOKS! Two, to be exact! I’ve never been a multitasking writer, but I got these two ideas simultaneously, so we’ll see where those take me! I haven’t worked on them in a few weeks (*cue college application freakout*), but I will be back to those as soon as I’m done with finals.

WATCHED A LOT OF CATH IN COLLEGE. Cath in College is this blog/YouTube channel run by Catherine Goetze, who is currently a junior at Stanford, and who is seriously cool. I’ve watched almost every single video on her channel (the ONLY YouTube channel I’ve ever done this for) and read a TON of her blog posts. She’s cool, introspective, and has great grammar. I enjoy reading things written by people who have good grammar. I’m trying to lay off now, because I’ve officially declared my “college freakout time” over. (Also, PSA: Stanford is gorgeous. I applied there and do not expect to get in, but both the campus and the people seem awesome.)

BLOGGED! I’m slowly but surely trying to get back into my pre-college-app groove, and I am pleasantly surprised to say that A) I actually have posted a decent amount on this blog recently, and B) I have a running list of blog post ideas that I will be writing about/posting presently. If you’ve noticed, I adjusted my header *slightly* to introduce a new tagline I’m trying out: where creativity and lifestyle intersect. I’m trying hard to find and define my own niche, and I think I’m finding it. I really hope I am.

BEGAN READING THROUGH ROMANS. I’m trying to read my Bible daily, along with this book called 50 Christians (or something to that effect; it has a list of 50 influential Christians who impacted Christianity in some way, shape, or form--whether it be through preaching, writing, music, missionary work, etc.--and biographies for each of them. It’s inspiring). I’ve never really liked Romans as a book--it’s always seemed kind of dry and boring to me--but my family collectively memorized Romans 8 last year, and it gave me an appreciation for Romans itself. It’s rich and beautiful and theological and GREAT. Just read it. So good.

WENT TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! I actually went twice in the span of one week after having never been there in my entire life. We all tried butterbeer (looks like beer, tastes like butterscotch cough syrup), went on a bunch of rides (and got wet in like fifty degree weather), and generally enjoyed ourselves. It was fun! It’s a great place to go if you ever visit LA :)

FINISHED FINALS. I did pretty well this semester, so I’m honestly just thankful to God for extra credit and for allowing me to get through this semester. ONE MORE SEMESTER OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT, YOU GUYS.


STUDYING! (What else is new?) I have two major finals to study for next week, and incidentally, they’re both in my least favorite subjects ever: math and science! And, incidentally, they’re on the same day--Tuesday, the very first day of finals! The good thing is, after Tuesday’s over, I’ll be done until Thursday, when I take my Lit final (which doesn’t count for this semester, so I’m kind of chilling). I’m one integral problem from bawling my eyes out. I never chose the math life, because the math life never chose me, folks.

EXERCISING! Ya girl finally realized that the key to being healthy is changing one’s LIFESTYLE, instead of crash-dieting! Granted, this week hasn’t been great in terms of diet (my mother made sour cream coffeecake), but I’ve gone to the gym four times in the past week, and on two runs, which is awesome for me. I eat a decent amount of fruits and vegetables, but the problem is that I also eat a lot of junk, because my family likes it. (But I mean, that’s no excuse. I’m the one who controls what I put in my mouth.) But not gonna lie: I feel really good after I work out. Even though I’m so out of shape.

BRAVING THE RAIN! It’s like El Nino actually came this year instead of last year! It has rained consistently for the past two weeks, and it’s scheduled to rain more over the next week or so. Apparently, forty-seven percent of California is out of the drought now?? According to KTLA?? (But it’s only Northern California, haha. Southern California’s still in the red zone. Lol.) But if I’m honest, it made me realize that I might not be able to deal with Seattle. I like wearing shorts too much.

THINKING A LOT ABOUT COLLEGE. I’m not even going to get started on this.


WRITE. Write more, blog more, everything more.

READ. Very self-explanatory.

WATCH LESS YOUTUBE. Now that I officially declare myself off my college video binge, I think I’m probably going to be watching less.

PLAN. I have a lot of ideas. I want to nurture them to potential fruition.

GET A JOB. I keep saying this, but my parents told me I couldn’t get one until my sleep schedule was worked out. And until first semester was over.

DEAR JESUS PLEASE LET ME GET THROUGH THESE NEXT TWO MONTHS. PLEASE HELP ME NOT TO CRY TOO MUCH IN MARCH. PLEASE HELP ME TO STOP STRESSING. I NEED TO STOP STRESSING. (Also, please let the UC Davis portal work for me!! I keep changing the password and it never signs in, even when I know for sure that I’m typing it in correctly!!)

How’s 2017 been shaping up for you? Everyone excited?


  1. Love this update, gurl! I hard core relate to all your college/senior feelings. xx

    1. loved yours too!!! can't wait to see where we're both gonna go :)

  2. omg your blog and you are just too cute.
    I am on my second semester of college. You have every right to freak out, not that you have reason to, you should just be allowed to get all of those anxieties out now. I just started a bit of a journal blog to post to throughout my college experience.
    I am in my second semester of college as we speak. It can be stressful, it's supposed to be. But you are going to do great! I love school, especially when I am around the people that I like being around. I would love to answer any questions that you might have about school--It really is a great experience!
    New follower here! ☺

  3. Okay sleeping schedules are important. *snap snap* But I'm so happy for what you accomplished! CollegeApp... Grace Anne and I were talking about how college is stressing us out and how we're just not ready yet.

    Whoops. Just remembered I had to sign up for the SAT in March. I'm so ready for this semester to be over (bring it on, AP tests).

    xoxo Morning

    1. COLLEGE UGH. *cries*

      I love these posts of yours so much. They make me happy:)

    2. Sleeping schedules are so important but I also hate them a lot.

      amen to the AP tests.

  4. Sounds like lots in happening in your life! I've been working hard to be more active and thinking about what I'm eating as well, but it's hard. It's not something that changes overnight.

    I can't imagine disliking the rain?? I adore winter and rain and the cold. I don't like summer, and I don't like wearing shorts!

    I'm so excited for you and all your college stuff! It's weird, because we're like the same year level, or grade, or whatever, but you're half a year behind me because of the difference in when school starts. Have fun with your last semester of high school :)

    I hope you have a great February and March!

    1. true! it's a lifestyle change, and that takes time!

      haha, that trips me out too! like you're already going to university, but i'm just waiting to hear funny how that works.

      same to you!

  5. I'm so glad you've finished your novel and are exercising more:) I wanna find the opportunity to exercise more myself. I need to get into running again!

    1. SAME!! if only i didn't hate running...

  6. <33 Love this

    Oh my goodness, college is stressing me out, I'm so jealous that you're already on the other side of apps and can make yourself relax for a while.

    Congrats on finishing your novel!!!!!!!

    1. thank you so much, abby! the stress doesn't really end with finishing the apps :'/

  7. Wow! You are such an inspiration and way more productive than I am ������. Congrats on finishing college apps, college prep in general is so stressful! 2017 has been a blast so far!

    1. haha NO i am not a very productive human at all, but thank you!

      2017 is gonna be great!

  8. Wow, you finished your novel?! Congrats! =D I love your posts on PURSUE.

    New follower. =)


  9. About math (and chemistry for me): SAME.

    And, "Ya girl finally realized that the key to being healthy is changing one’s LIFESTYLE, instead of crash-dieting!" made me smile. Because I KNOW that, but I have a really hard changing my lifestyle too. Congrats on getting out there and exercising so often!


    Basically, this post is #relatable. Heh, like so many of your posts.


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