Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A PLAYLIST by rachel alison

I LOVE MUSIC!! and i love putting together little playlists of songs that i enjoy listening to. my favorite genre is kind of indie pop, kind of r&b, a little bit of electronic, and hip hop. so kind of almost everything.
anyway, i put together a little playlist of songs that i’ve enjoyed listening to, and that you might enjoy listening to as well! if you’ve got nothing to do, or are in search of some inspiration, or just need different music, this playlist is the one for you.

PRECIOUS by kevin garrett

→ FUN FACT! kevin garrett toured with alessia cara (whom i love and whose music i listen to regularly). he also wrote a song for beyonce, which probably means he’s got a decent sum of money and can roll out the dough for his own stuff. i don’t know. but “precious” is a great song for dreaming, thinking, or sleeping. it’s on the slower end--i usually don’t like slow songs--but the repetition keeps me bouncing and it’s good music.

CARRY ON by sebastian kole

→ ANOTHER FUN FACT! sebastian kole was featured on alessia cara’s song “stone”! it seems like i’m obsessed with alessia cara, but i’m not, i swear! and sebastian kole has a great voice--kind of deep and rich and this one’s a bouncy tune, one for dancing and jamming in the car. i showed it to my friends. i don’t think they were obsessed with it, but i liked it enough to show it to them.

OUR LOVE by samm henshaw

→ FUN FACT! i don’t have any fun facts about samm henshaw. this song is really good. it’s vibrant and happy, but not the sugar-pop kind of happy--it has more depth and kind of reminds me of aretha franklin. it’s also one for dancing and jamming in the car, but very well suited for dancing and jamming in the car w/ one’s significant other. or, if you’re like me, dancing and jamming in the car by myself and waiting for that significant other to come along. what can i say--i have loads of fun by myself!!!

WHITE TIGER by izzy bizu

→ this song sounds kind of familiar-ish--i’ve probably heard it in commercials or trailers or stuff--but it’s more of a poppy tune w/ some delicate vocals & some r&b vibes?? i’ve only just begun figuring out what r&b is, exactly, but i’m pretty sure this one would be categorized under it. pretty sure. the song sounds good!

KILLING ME by ofelia k

→ this one’s kind of quiet and delicate and it’s not as morbid as the song name makes it sound. i have no idea who the singer is but i like the song’s vibe. it’d be a good one to fall asleep to, and stuff. i don’t know. i’m really just running out of descriptors for songs other than “it sounds good and i like it so you might too.” there. was that not just the least subtle way of saying things or not?

HISTORY by olivia holt

→ FUN FACT! olivia holt was a disney star who is currently trying to become a pop star!! i have to admit, i don’t like the rest of her EP, but “history” grew on me. it’s actually quite catchy. and it sounds nice and buttery smooth! it’s kind of my secret jam, my slight guilty pleasure.

hope you liked these songs.
drop a line and let me know what other songs i should check out--i’m always on the hunt for new music!


  1. Yaaaaay! I love playlists. I haven't heard of any of the songs in this post though :/

    1. hopefully you enjoy these songs! that's why i created the playlist--i wanted people to find new music that they liked

  2. Ooh, a playlist! I shall have to go check these out. 😄

  3. PLAYLISTS ARE SO GOOD. My favorite out of all of these is "White Tiger," although "History" is a close second. ^.^ I'm currently listening to a lot of Regina Spektor because her voice is so soothing, oh my shish kebabs.

    xoxo Morning

    1. I LOVE REGINA SPEKTOR! her songs are so interesting!!

  4. Ooh I'll have to look into these!

  5. AAAHHH ALESSIA CARA IS AWESOME!! I saw her in concert a few months ago, and Sebastian Kole opened for her, they both sounded really good!! I've heard Olivia Holt's EP, and I agree with you, it's not my favorite, but History sorta grew on me too x)
    my guilty pleasure band is R5, their songs are super catchy.

    1. SO JEALOUS!! i'd love to see alessia cara in concert. and i haven't heard very many r5 songs. maybe i'll check them out later!


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