Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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Went on Christmas/winter break. By FAR the best thing that’s happened to me this month. I’ve been getting so much sleep, it’s insane.

Finished the first season of Veronica Mars. My family doesn’t have Netflix, but we do have Amazon Prime, which is cool because I get to dredge up old shows that nobody remembers anymore! But I LOVED Veronica Mars. Veronica’s pretty, she’s smart, she’s capable, and she’s supposed to be my age (although rumor has it that Kristen Bell was 24 when she picked up the part). There’s a lot of exciting moments, and the overarching storyline had my heart pounding. Still a lot of unanswered questions, but I guess those’ll be answered in season two!

Was accepted to Wheaton College! I applied nonbinding Early Action in October, and I received my acceptance letter during the last week of school before break! It was honestly really encouraging to get an acceptance letter, and a small GPA scholarship to boot :) There’s a bigger scholarship that I applied for that’s still in the running, so I’m waiting to hear about that in January and February, but I’m thankful. Even if I don’t get into any other school, I’ll still be going to Wheaton--so I’M GOING TO COLLEGE! Woo!!!

Wrote 6k in one day. After my HaNaNoWriMo fail, I rallied and decided to try to finish my entire first draft by the end of the break. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it, but I’ll let you know how it goes, haha. I’m just eager to get the first draft done and the editing started. 24k in; only about 16k more to go!

Helped out at the local senior living facility. I went to a local senior living facility with two different organizations (Chick-fil-a Leader Academy and National Honor Society), and it was really cool. We were able to help the residents make sock snowmen (which were really cute, despite the fact that the button eyes were huge and looked like bug eyes), and caroled to the residents (which was also fun, even though we didn’t practice at all prior). I’m thinking about volunteering there or asking if they have a job I can do; I love old people.

Saw La La Land, Doctor Strange, and Rogue One. I’ve been seeing lots of movies with friends lately, and honestly, La La Land topped all. Since I usually watch the typical Marvel action-adventure kind of movies, it was refreshing to watch something different. La La Land has dancing, music, and witty dialogue, not to mention the most beautiful cinematography and color scheme I’ve ever seen in a live action movie. 10000/10 recommend. Go watch it. (Plus, the fact that it’s a little more indie than most movies makes me feel like a legitimate hipster.)

Baked a lot! I made cupcakes for one friend who wasn’t feeling well, cookies for a friend who went on a road trip, and Rice Krispies (which technically doesn’t count as baking, but whatever) for the teachers who wrote me letters of recommendation. Lots of fun. Lots of sugar.


Writing! I’ve been terrible at consistently writing lately--judging by the lack of posts on this blog--but I’m hoping to rectify that in the near future. The 6k-one-day thing was really cathartic, and even though I’m sure I’m going to cut 99% of those words, it was satisfying to see the paragraphs and paragraphs on the paper. I’m looking forward to finishing this draft--and after that run, I’m hoping to keep the ball moving.

College apps. I need to finish up some supplementals for UC apps and finish filling out my Common App ones and turn them in by January. I’ve been kind of slacking on it, so I need to pull through and finish it all.

Reading. I’ve been taking numerous library trips (honestly, I think I could live in the library), and I’ve picked up some promising books. Haven’t struck book gold yet, but I reread Flipped by Wendelin van Draanen and Janitor’s Boy by Andrew Clements and really enjoyed them. It’s getting harder and harder to find a decent middle grade book that I can finish and enjoy reading.

Trying to motivate myself. I’ve been slacking in the areas of Bible-reading, organizing, and cleaning, and I need to get stuff done. I’m going off to college in less than a year, and I can’t afford to be like this when I go off. Like seriously. I’m pretty messy.


Finish college apps. Hahahahahahahaha…

Go Christmas shopping. *cringes* I’m really great at procrastinating!

Clean. Urghghiapweobiidkskskksksksksksks.

Plan for next year. Next year’s gonna be a big one.

“Clouds” by Trip Lee
“Hallelujah” (Tori Kelly version)
“Hallelujah” (Pentatonix version)
“Pop Out Revenge” by Social Club Misfits

Are you ready for the new year? Any fun things going on?


  1. I love the changes you made to your blog :) Congratulations on all the things including COLLEGE!!!!! Sounds like you've been busy!

    Have a wonderful Christmas :)

  2. I really like the blog changes. I guess we're pretty similar when it comes to procrastination. I need motivation!

  3. Congrats on college!! I can't wait to see La la land. Also, your new blog look is great, it looks even better on my phone.

  4. Love this post!! Congrats again on Wheaton. ❤

  5. merry christmas eve!!! congratulations on wheaton!!! how exciting!! christmas break really is amazing. and i love your new blog look!

  6. This post just makes me so happy. <3

    Also your new design is GORGEOUS OH MY GOSH

  7. Soooo not ready for the new year. o-o

  8. FLIPPED IS MY FAVORITEST OF FAVORITE BOOKS OMGGGGGG <333333333 that book man i cri :''') it's just flawless ugh. Also YOU'RE SO AWESOME LOOK AT ALL THE GREAT THINGS YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED shew you're just fabulous ok. *hugs you a lot*


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