worn-out soul

Sunday, October 2, 2016

When she was young
It was new, it was bright, it was bold
Like a pair of too-small jeans,
It was tight, it was her soul.
This was her soul.

As she got older,
It turned red, green, yellow,
And soon it was all the
Colors of the rainbow.
This was her soul.

But then all the people and the places,
Well, they poked all the holes
Soon all she had left was a
Worn-out soul.
She had a worn-out soul.

And she wears it like a dress
That fits her like a glove.
She doesn’t care what people think;
Because her heart is full of love.
It’s her worn-out soul that makes her

This is her soul--
It is soft, it is wise, it is true
It’s lost its innocence, but
Its demons it slew.
This is her soul.

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