Sunday, October 23, 2016

[I’ve decided to make Senior Year Updates a monthly thing! Click HERE to read September’s post!]

→ DID ←

Went to an Alec Benjamin concert on the first at Unurban Coffeehouse in Santa Monica! He’s a great musician and singer/songwriter whose music I really like, and luckily, he’s still super independent and unheard-of, so the concert was super small and intimate. It was actually held at an open mic at Unurban (it wasn’t an “official” concert), and it was free, so that was great. Check out his music HERE!

Played lots and lots and lots of tennis. Tennis season runs from September to October, with two to three matches every week and practice in between, so it’s been a bit hectic, what with homework and practice and catching up and stuff. I was able to start at #3 singles for most of the matches, so that was great.

Ate at the Anaheim Packing House with a couple people from church. The Packing House has a lot of really good restaurants and lots of hipster people. I had a grilled goat cheese sandwich with arugula pesto and braised tomatoes, along with pecan praline ice cream, and it was just a really great time of fellowship. And I ate a lot. Lol.

Senior Night with my tennis team. As tennis season drew to a close (our official regular season is over, though there’s still League Finals to come), my team held our annual “Senior Night,” which, as you might assume, is a night dedicated to honoring the seniors. Since I’m a senior this year, it was a surreal experience to stand in front of my teammates, friends, and family, and listen to the ways the varsity underclassmen said they appreciated about me. It was kind of emotional, and we had pizza. Just thought I’d throw that in there.


Homework. What else is new?

Planning for HaNaNoWriMo. (Which I’ll get into later this week.)

Studying. Again, not new.

Resting. I caught an ear infection on Wednesday, and so I’ve been trying to rest and sleep and properly hydrate myself. I can’t really hear out of my right ear (it’s all stuffed up), so if you see me in real life, make sure to speak loudly. Lol.
Reading. Lots of trashy teenie bopper books, but I picked up some Hemingway on my recent trip to the library, so that’ll be cool. (Started A Farewell to Arms and am currently trying to get used to his writing style, which I like.)

Boycotting Twitter. I’m not protesting against Twitter itself; I’m just taking a break until 2017, mostly because the political tweets were bugging me. Plus, Twitter’s distracting.

Using Instagram a lot more!! I’m sorry if I’m posting too much. It’s usually out of procrastination.

COLLEGE APPLICATIONS. I’m applying Early Action to Wheaton College, and the application is due on November 1st. I’m trying to submit it by today, but it might happen later this week. But I need to get it DONE! And then I need to finish my UC application. Then start on my Common App ones.

AHHHHH WHEN WILL IT END !!!! ???? !!!!

Prepping for my NYC trip! I’m going to NYC in the first week of November, and I’m super, super excited! It’s with my Newspaper class, and we’re going to attend a Publications conference at Columbia. We’ll also be exploring the city and eating food and stuff, so I’m super hyped.




Go to Shannon Messenger’s Lodestar launch party! This’ll be my third year in a row that I’m going to Shannon Messenger’s launch party, so I’m honestly really excited for this one! I’ll be the oldest child there, haha, but a tradition’s a tradition. And plus, I’m so excited to read Lodestar! (Call me a kid, honestly.)

Finish planning my book.

Make a workout/health plan. I’ve been eating SO badly lately.

THE GREATEST by Sia feat. Kendrick Lamar
WHOLE LOT OF HEART by Ingrid Michaelson
MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE by Francis and the Lights
FRIENDS by Francis and the Lights (feat. Bon Iver)
IF I AIN'T GOT YOU by Alicia Keys
UNTIL I'M GONE by Derek Minor (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
CHANGE THE WORLD by Derek Minor (feat. Hollyn)

That’s all I can think of for right now! What’s been going on in your lives? Anyone stressing about school? Everyone ready for NaNoWriMo?

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