Monday, September 12, 2016

wild rachel in her natural habitat.


Running around at lunch and break performing tasks for the various clubs I’m in

Skipping dances

Making Twitter polls about skipping dances

Reading books (My latest was The Bean Trees, by Barbara Kingsolver. I feel like I’m going around everywhere telling everyone about it because it was such a good book.)


Playing tennis. Lots of tennis. I’m actually a starter this year (?!?!), so I’ve been playing a lot.

Recording music. Listen to some of it HERE!

Freaking out about the fact that I’m turning seventeen in two weeks.


Trying to avoid dessert but failing desperately (does mango sorbet count as dessert?)

Instagram. I LOVE Instagram. I post too much on my public Instagram account. I actually sometimes feel bad for people who are following it.

Reading Twitter News. So convenient.


Write my book. (Still at 11k. Haven’t touched it since over a week ago.)
Work on college apps. I need to finish the essays.

Study. (Haha. Ha. Ha.)

Work on stuff for this blog. (I have ideas, just not the timing or the schedule laid out. I’m literally writing this before I have to leave for school.)

Take more pictures. (MY INSTA FEED IS SUFFERING.)

That’s basically what I’ve been up to.

What have you guys been doing? How have your school years been going?

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