Friday, August 19, 2016


I recently had the awesome opportunity to meet an Internet friend! Jordan is a fantastic photographer (check out her Instagram HERE) as well as a blogger and writer, and when I learned that she lived (somewhat) in my vicinity, I jumped at the chance to meet & do a photoshoot with her. (WHICH WE DID :)

We live pretty far away, but we were able to meet up at the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside, California. You probably can't see it in these pictures--we were going for a greener look--but the Mission Inn is super cool and historic. It's kind of a Spanish-style villa-type hotel, with lots of adobe stuff, a darker interior, and plenty of gardens. (They even have a chair that was made for President Taft when he visited...apparently, he refused to sit on it because he was ashamed that it was so big. Jordan and I sat on it, side-by-side, which just goes to show how fat the president must've been.)

It was such a stellar time, honestly--her grandpa was so nice and kind, and Jordan herself was super chill and awesome and a lot like me--and CAN I JUST SAY THAT HER HAIR IS SO COOL? And her outfit?? Like the white Converse and the ripped jeans? Freaking goals.

Meet your Internet friends. Once you're absolutely certain that they're not creepy middle-aged men--you can kind of tell when they're creepy middle-aged men--then by all means, meet them. Have Instagram group chats with them. Do Google Hangouts with them. Get to know them. Because somehow, in seemingly random circumstances, you found them online. They're people in your life, however distant they may seem, so make the most of the opportunities you have. Technology is fantastic. Use it.

Thanks, Jordan, for taking these photos! Here's to more Internet friend photoshoots in the future :)

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