Monday, August 22, 2016

I recently had the opportunity to visit LA for a night with a bunch of girls from my church + it was amazing.

I live about an hour away from LA, and I'm never really able to go there a lot because my family's usually busy and we just...don't, haha. I think there's some sort of illusion that everyone who lives in Southern California lives in Los Angeles and eats Nekter and surfs and sees celebrities all the time, but tbh, my life is pretty much encapsulated by suburbia. It is nice, though, to get out once in a while and actually go places.

We took the metro with the intention of going to Grand Central Market, which is this indoor "marketplace" of restaurants. It's basically a big food court--you grab your food and sit at the tables that are scattered throughout--but it's not your typical Panda Express/Sbarro kind of fare. This is way better. I imagine that the restaurants have to generate a lot of business to afford to stay at Grand Central, so the food has to be good.

I don't remember what it was called, but I got fish tacos from the restaurant pictured above. They were really, really good--spicy and tangy and limey and i JUST really LIKE fish tACOS. Another person got ceviche from the same place, but honestly, there are so many options--one person got a burger, another got a cheese-and-potatoes dish that was LOADED with grease (but it tasted good), another got Japanese, and two people split a pizza. Besides those options, there was Thai and Greek and more tacos and Eggslut (supposed to be a fancy egg place??) and a super upscale coffee shop that sold coffee for freaking FOUR DOLLARS and 


McConnell's is super famous for its ice cream--last time I came to Grand Central, we weren't able to get ice cream there because the line was so long--and OH MY GOSH that reputation is so merited. 

I, like your average person, love ice cream. I'm not an ice cream snob or anything, but I have a great appreciation for unique flavor combinations.  McConnell's had loads of different flavors--I was considering churro con leche and banana-and-salted caramel--but the instant I sampled the sea salt cream & cookies flavor, I was DEAD.

not literally. but my taste buds just died and went to heaven. honestly. i love salty-sweet combinations, and the sea salt cream???? can we just please??? oh my GOODNESS. it was SO GOOD. and the cookies?? were?? delicious?? and?? it?? was all so beautiful.

I'm fully aware I kinda sound like a Valley girl, but I'm willing to go Valley girl, because the ice cream was BOMB. i would DEFINITELY go again, line and all.

(plus, they give you really big servings, especially if you get the waffle cone. the waffle cone costs a dollar extra, but it's so worth it, honestly.)

Afterward, we walked around a bit. We stumbled upon a free concert (which turned out to be a Filipino disco?? We didn't stick around), and then we headed to the Walt Disney Concert Hall. 

I love cities--any city--at night. I love seeing the lights. I love seeing the shadows fall across buildings. I love how the hustle-and-bustle of the day dies down, how people retreat into their homes to rest for the night. There's a calm and quiet to it, and I like it.

Also, I'm kind of in love with these red shoes from Forever 21. I've been on a red-and-maroon kick lately (I decided in London that my favorite color was maroon, breaking a sky-blue streak that lasted my entire life until now), so when I saw these were only twelve bucks (?!), I snagged them. I've been wearing them with the various ugly long socks that I have in my possession, and I love it.

I ALSO MADE A VIDEO!! I really like the way it turned out, and I'm super happy that I filmed some stuff. I think I'm starting to figure out how to make videos the way I want them, and this is just a stepping-stone to the place where I want to be in terms of my film skills.



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