Tuesday, August 16, 2016

we're bringing it back!!

if you've been with me for any amount of time, you'll know that i did/do a thing called A Day in the Life of a Content Creator. I haven't done it in a while, because my focus for this blog has shifted, but it's something I've always wanted to go back to, and now I have the chance!

Please welcome Anna from Demigods & Unicorns to da blog!! She + I post-swapped (you can view my post right heeeeere, and she graciously wrote a post for my blog! (Enjoy!)

I'm Anna, and I am so excited to be able to guest post for you all today here on Rachel's blog- Thanks, Rachel! <3  
I blog at Demigods and Unicorns, and if you wanna check me out there you'll find writing, photos, scattered thoughts, and more extremely random topics.

Today I'll kind of be bringing you all along with me as I go through my day creating content and balancing that with everyday tasks, activities, etc.  Today is Monday, and I know this will sound strange to many of you but Monday is actually my favorite day of the week.  
*collective gasp from the audience*
I know, I know.  But the thing is, by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around, I'm ready for the weekend to be over.  Plus I always have clogging practices on Monday which are really fun.

So, here we go!


7:00am- Unfortunately, I wake up.  I immediately roll over and try to go back to sleep- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  Today it does not.  So I grab my phone and my earbuds and slowly start waking myself up with some music.  After about ten minutes of this, I drag myself out of bed, put on a tee shirt and a pair of jeans, and head outside.  On the way I wake up my lazy dog and say good morning to my eleven cats- all of whom start wailing and throwing themselves at the screen door as soon as they see me.  It's only been twelve hours since you last were fed, guys...not to mention your natural hunting instinct.  Yeah, remember that?  (My cats are all really lazy.)
After feeding the animals I take a quick walk before the temperatures get too high.

8:00am- I go back inside, pull my hair up, wash my hands, and start baking breakfast with my younger sister.  Once we have the peanut-butter chocolate chip baked oatmeal in the oven (yummmm), I have some reading/writing/devotional time while it bakes.  After that it's time to eat, clean the kitchen, and have Bible study with my mom and siblings.  

9:00am- Time to get dressed, brush my hair/teeth, wash my face, etc...unless I have somewhere I need to be early in the day, this always takes me longer than it should because I keep stopping to change my music and do other small but distracting tasks.  Once I'm finally wearing decent clothing (jean shorts and a green/black tee- keepin' it casual), my hair is somewhat tamed, I'm wearing a tad of mascara and I've brushed my teeth and washed my face, I start tidying my desk up from all of my weekend projects.  After my desk is cleared (except for a neat stack of books in the corner), I move on to making my bed and hanging my clean clothes in the closet.  It's so satisfying to have them all neatly organized by color.

10:00am- After taking several moments to appreciate me newly-tidied-up room, I grab my Russian binder and finish the last bit of homework.  Do I always wait to finish my homework until the morning it's due?  Nah...totally not...
After that I do a lesson of Algebra (which I detest) and start studying for an Algebra quiz.

11:00am- I take a break from studying to work on Continuing Forever: Book 2.  (Trying to think of a title, for one thing.)  And I may or may not take a few moments out of that to scroll through Pinterest...purely for inspiration, of course...

12:00pm- My mom is out running an errand with one of my little sisters and my brothers have started asking me for lunch...so I go into the kitchen, fix lunch, and then it eat while enjoying some more of my current read.  (A World Without You by Beth Revis).  Then I watch a couple of YouTube videos, double-check my Russian homework, and finish my Algebra studying.

1:00pm- I experiment with some photo editing tools to create random things...I like zooming in on a certain part of a photo and then adding a bokeh effect to it...it just looks strangely cool.
I also check up on all of the blogs I follow, edit a few of my own blog posts, and save a few recipes to try someday in the future.

2:00pm- I step outside for some fresh air, pet and talk to my cats for a few moments, and then make some tea.  While enjoying the tea I try to work on a few short writing pieces.  I'm not really feeling the "writing vibe" today, so I head to my Writing Inspiration Pinterest board for some ideas.  After finding a few photos that get me excited about writing, I start over and continue to (try to) write.

3:00pm- I put away my writing stuff and pack my backpack with the essentials for the afternoon- hairband, book, Russian binder, pens/pencils, sweatshirt (it's rainy/windy), and phone.  And earbuds.  Then I run a brush through my hair again, throw on some shoes and head out the door with my mom and five siblings.  I drive us to Russian class (safely, yay!).

4:00pm- I hop out of the car to let my mom drive my younger siblings to their clogging practice while my sister and I are in Russian.  I leave my Russian binder in the car.  My mother drives off.  Turns out I don't actually need it, but ten minutes later my younger brother and sister are kind enough to bring it to me anyways.  We have class, which ends a little earlier than usual due to an extended Clogging practice for upcoming performances.

5:00pm- We start practice for our upcoming performance.  It's a little crazy, because all of the different age groups are combined for this one.  But it's fun.

6:00pm- That practice ends and another begins...this one is for a smaller performance and includes a smaller group, so it's a little calmer.

7:00pm- After it ends, some of the older kids on our team- myself included- split into groups to help some younger kids learn a few different dances.  Then we meet back run through what we were able to teach/learn with the music.  It's fun teaching younger kids, but at this point they're either hyper or tired...so it's also kinda hard.

8:00pm- Practice ends.  And even though clogging is really fun, I'm relieved that it's over because this was a long one and I am dead tired.  (Did I mention that I stayed up till 2am last night?  Well now you know...)
I drive home...when we get into the car, it's cloudy.  As we're leaving, it starts to rain a little.  Just as we get onto the highway, it starts pouring.  And gets really dark (thanks to clouds).  It's dark, it's raining, and there are headlights stretching out as far as I can see...and then "Say Something" by A Great Big World comes on.  If I wasn't busy keeping the car on the road, I would look out the window wistfully and tell my sister to take an artsy picture.

9:00pm- We arrive home.  I cross the porch, saying hi and promising food to all eleven cats, who, once again, are moaning and complaining about a lack of food.  After I say hi to my dad and put my backpack in my bedroom, I scrounge in the kitchen to find food.  I'm always really hungry after practice and we got home a little later... I'm about to join the cats in their wailing.  Luckily my dad ordered himself a pizza for dinner while we were gone, and was kind enough to share the leftovers with me.  After feeding and hydrating myself, I head to my room and eat, put my feet up for a moment, read, and catch up on emails, messages, etc.

10:00pm-  I turn on music (Twenty One Pilots), and start to edit a few blog posts.  And, er, I may go onto Pinterest...heh...

11:00pm- Pajama time! (Praise the Lord!)  And Reaaaading Tiiiime!  I'm still reading "A World Without You"...this book is extremely sad but I definitely recommend it.  It's so good and so beautifully written.  Gah.  Asdslflajdk.  I just can't...  

12:00am- I wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my hair and put it in a pony tail.  I adjust my blankets and pillows just so, check today off of my calendar, turn off the light, climb into bed, say a prayer, find my comfortable sleeping position, and drift off...after thinking pointless and deep thoughts about lots of random subjects of course.  o_o

So there ya have it!  That is (more or less) how a Monday usually goes for me.  As far as content creation goes, today I was able to get a little work done on my novel, get inspired to work on more short stories, get inspired to vlog an upcoming trip,  and improve my photo editing skills.
I hope you all enjoyed this!  I know I did; it was a pleasure to write.  Thanks so much, Rachel, for allowing me to do this!  <3

I hope you all have a great day/night/week/life.
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thanks so much for writing this, Anna!

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