Friday, August 12, 2016

my new ride jk this isn't my new ride lol



It's kinda crazy to me, because just a couple years ago I was blogging over here about going to my first-ever high school tennis camp, and now I just finished my last one (and my last round of tryouts, ever, in my entire life).

Next Monday I'll get in line with all the other seniors and take my ID picture (I've already taken my senior pictures...a week after junior year ended...yeah, I'm still kind of bitter about those) and pre-order my yearbook and grab my books and get my first (tentative) schedule, and it'll be cemented in my mind. I'll be a senior.

I know senior year is just one year in my life, but it's an important one--emerging into adulthood--and so I'm making a list of things I'm excited about. Because there have been several new developments that are (hopefully) going to make this year super stellar.

yeah, you read that right.


I've had my license since January, but now I'll finally be able to drive my uncle's hand-me-down around, and I won't have to orchestrate so much around my parents' schedules. It'll introduce a new level of freedom into my life as well as responsibility. (I mean...I hope I don't crash.)

 But I'm also so stoked because, come next January when I'll finally be able to drive people around legally, it'll mean I'll be able to drive to different places with my friends and do different things like do more photoshoots and hikes and stuff, and YES. DUDE. I AM GETTING A CAR.

what should i name her?? (comment below what i should name my car)



See, I say this, but I don't know if I'm going to follow through with it...but I'm pretty motivated, so I don't know. I recently got a gym membership, and now I love going to the gym because it's just a bunch of random people in an air-conditioned (!!) facility who are working out and it kind of motivates me to work out, so I've been working out more. 

But anyway, I'm going to make being healthier a priority this year, because last year I kinda let it all down the drain, and I gained ten pounds. So this year is going to be me (a) gaining more muscle mass, and (b) losing fat by (c) eating healthier and (d) being more active.

we'll see how it goes. i'm thinking about doing "senior year updates" to keep myself accountable. yay or nay?



I'm going to be a writer.
This past year was me trying out new things, having an identity crisis of sorts. But now, I'm sure. I'm gonna be a writer.

What kind of writer, I'm not sure yet, but I'm leaning towards children's fiction. I'm going to major in English/Literature/Writing, and I want to publish books. I might get a minor in graphic design/marketing or do something like that on the side, but it will always only ever be writing for me.

So I'm writing a book this year.


One of the things I realized about this past year was that I'm a pretty passive person. I would always want to go places and do things, but I thought I never had the time.

Truth is, I had the time, but I wasted it, so I thought I didn't have time to do any of that stuff. This year, I'm going to make time by cutting down stuff that I waste time a lot on (I'm looking atcha, social media + youtube). I'm planning on going out on the weekends and getting my homework and studying done as quickly as possible so I can do things. Because it's senior year. 2017 will be my last summer of being a child. I'm gonna enjoy it.


After hours of Instagram stalking and the Europe trip, I realized that I enjoy photography, and I want to purposely get more in-depth into it. Also, I realized that if I want to be a more serious (travel??) blogger, I kinda need to know how to take good pictures.

So I borrowed my dad's DSLR camera and his Digital Rebel XSi/450D for Dummies book, and I'm starting to play around with it. (And it's highkey fun.)


This year, I'm taking AP Literature, and I am SO EXCITED. Like seriously, you have no idea. 

The summer reading requirements for AP Lit were How to Read Literature Like a Professor and The Poisonwood Bible (by Barbara Kingsolver). And honestly? They were so good. So, so, so good. And they also made me realize that I don't really know literature. I've read classics and stuff, but I've only ever scraped the surface. And my paltry 5-book summer reading list is only the tiniest of dents in the world of literature.

So I intend to be more purposeful with my reading choices this year. I'll still be reading kids' books (u kno me), but I'm gonna make a list, and I'm going to read all of them.

Except for the boring books. Because, this summer, I've read Slaughterhouse-Five and The Bell Jar and I started I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, but I could not for my life read Catch-22. It was boring and it seemed pointless.

just a heads up. I didn't like Gatsby, either.

7. PEOPLE .7

People are so important.
This is my desire: that I'll become closer to people, that I'll be better at talking to people, that I'll be more purposeful with talking to people, that I'll expand my comfort zone and initiate talking with people, that I'll get over my fear of being hurt by people and let myself be vulnerable, that I'll find/maintain friends who bring me closer to Jesus, that I'll be able to share my faith with my unbelieving friends. I lack courage in the area of people, and maybe that's why I haven't ever really had close friends.


I'm excited. Excited for ending old chapters, excited for starting new ones, excited/sad for the nostalgia that will hit, excited at the prospect of the future, excited to be done with junior year and be able to relax and live in the moment.




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