Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Five Star & Mead contacted me and asked me if I'd be willing to review some of their products and do a back-to-school giveaway! I agreed (obviously) and they sent me a boxful of back-to-school supplies, including paper, notebooks, folders, the Five Star Flex Hybrid Notebinder, and the Five Star Expandable Backpack!

Naturally, I decided to head over to a local park, have a picnic, and take some pictures with my good friend Rachael (with whom I also collaborated on this photoshoot).

I took the backpack and a couple of the notebooks along (and was super excited about both of them, as evidenced by the photos below).

The backpack was really, really cool--perfect for a picnicking adventure! It's an expandable backpack, so it was super big (several different pouches, including a padded one for a laptop) and had easily adjustable straps that you could flip over to the other side.

Plus, isn't the color so pretty?

I was able to fit most of the picnic stuff into the backpack, including two bananas, two bags of Lays, a fake flower bouquet prop, my Jam XT portable Bluetooth speaker, a package of Mint Oreo Thins (SOOOOOOO good), two empty glass bottles, a bag of Red Vines, two books, two notebooks, my purse, and a beach towel (I'm telling you...it's biiiiig).

Probably the only slightly negative thing I would say about the backpack is that it's really big--almost cumbersome. It's perfect for flights or traveling if you have a lot of things to bring, but since I don't have to carry around my books at school, it has a lot of unnecessary space that I wouldn't need to use.

(We were trying to take cute artsy picnic flatlay photos, but, um, they didn't turn out too well, haha...The struggle is so real.)

btw, that's root beer...and the bottle is empty and we struggled so hard to get it to look right and even now it looks funny haha

this is rachael. isn't she so freaking beautiful??

The Flex Hybrid Notebinder is super cool too. It's flimsy and lightweight, so you won't be lugging around a huge binder, and the tabs feel sturdy. I can't wait to use it this school year!

The people at Mead and Five Star graciously provided enough materials for a wonderful giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win some really cool stuff! Here's what you'll be winning if you win:

-the Five Star Expandable Backpack ($45 value) - (gently used)
-2 notebooks
-4 sturdy, cute folders
-one 100-sheet pack of college ruled reinforced paper

*U.S. only, please. Sorry to my international friends :( *


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