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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prague was one of the most beautiful cities I've ever had the privilege of visiting.

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prague castle / a Gothic castle that was a Catholic church. it was beautiful--a bit blackened on the outside from pollution and age, and perpetually crowded with tourists, but beautiful nonetheless. regardless of the crowds, though, if you're going to go to Prague, you have to go there. it's over a thousand years old, and it's completely made of stone. it was a really weird feeling for me to casually sit on a bench fifty yards away from it and eat pistachio ice cream. 

charles bridge / a super cool place that is also heavily traversed by tourists, but it's definitely a must-see in Prague. street performers + caricaturists + salespeople line the sides of it, and you can walk through the middle and take everything in. i also caught a couple of people taking engagement/couples/wedding? photos, which was kind of weird but kind of neat. like, how many people get to say that their wedding photos were taken in Prague??

old town square / really busy. like, really busy. when we went, it was choked with tourists (like us). there were also street demonstrations (hare krishna), horse rides (i felt bad for the horses), and a statue of Jan Hus, one of the first Reformers during the Reformation. we took a lot of pictures with that statue. (there's also a Czech holiday called Jan Hus Day!) you have to go, but it wasn't a super pleasurable experience for me personally.

bethlehem chapel / a historic church that Jan Hus famously preached in. it was so cool to walk in + see the well that people probably drank from + imagine Jan Hus standing there, preaching the Gospel to the congregation. compared to Prague Castle, it was very simple: four stone walls, decorated with simple, flat, Medieval-style paintings--no stained glass, no nothing. but it was a good contrast, between the light and the darkness, between corruption and truth. 

i love history + seeing God's hand in all of it. if Jan Hus hadn't been bold about the Gospel, i would probably not be writing the things i am right now.

vltava river / kind of dirty but we were able to say that we went paddle-boating in Prague! i saw a dead rat floating in the river (so i wouldn't advise swimming in it or drinking from it), but the restrictions were much looser than in the United States and we felt a lot freer.


-lots of PDA. Too much PDA. All the while, I was like, You're in Prague!! You could stare at each other any place else, but you choose to do it HERE, in the open, in one of the most beautiful cities in the entire WORLD? there wasn't anything i could do, so i just tried to go about my ordinary business. a.k.a., soaking in the culture and taking pictures and trying really, really hard not to breathe in the--

-secondhand smoke. EVERYONE smokes there, or at least it smells like everyone does. it got to the point (this was in London too, by the way) that i was actually happy when i saw someone vaping. i got headaches while i was in Prague because of all the secondhand smoke, so if you're prone to that kind of thing, BRING MEDICINE. thankfully, my mom was super prepared and had stuff i could take, so my headaches never got too bad.

-there are no tacky tourist fanny packs to be had. I was always ducking into souvenir shops, in search of a tacky tourist fanny pack, but none of the stores I went into carried them, and I had to have gone into at least five. 

-there's actually pretty decent international food there. The first time we went into Prague, we ate at a really good pizza place that had a painting of Pinocchio on the wall. The second time, we ate at a Mexican restaurant that was also decent, and also at a really, really good gelato place called Angelato (i tried their olive oil & basil flavor, and it was inCREDible). czech food is kind of the same all around, so definitely czech out different food places while you're in Prague.

-haha. Did u catch the pun???

actual thoughts while in prague


-I just need a red Vespa and an Italian guy named antonio who owns a pizza place that's been in his family for five generations. Even though I'm not in Italy.

-cobblestones cobblestones cobblestones


hope you enjoyed this post! my London series will be a lot more extensive because we did a lot more sightseeing there. 

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