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Thursday, July 21, 2016

this is a shot of LA, when we were coming back to the U.S.

i like cities.

Wimbledon, in England - maybe a week after the actual tournament ended
there's just something cool about them. like, a bunch of people congregate, decide to live amongst themselves, build a society within a society that can somehow run, if dysfunctionally, and there's an art and beauty to that: the tangled lives and connections of people within the city.

London, England, near our apartment
London. btw Pret-a-Manger is sooooo good. go eat there.
of late, i have been thinking a lot about our intersecting lives. there are seven billion people in the world, which means that there are billions of people whom i have never met and never will in my lifetime. it's a miracle that i meet the people who are in my life now.

+ to think of it--there are so many people i have seen or observed whom i will never see or observe again. that one fleeting moment on the train station, that one exchanged word or mutter, that one gaze where our eyes met. that is all we will see of each other.

the globe theatre, in london! saw 'taming of the shrew' there, which was absolutely EXCELLENT.

the london eye!!!!!

but it's actually kind of sad. the more people i meet, the more i realize that there are so many stories in the world that i will never hear of, so many narratives that will be lost with time + generations. wisdom will be the same, but the stories won't, and the genuineness of a person's personality will pass away. sometimes it seems to me that every lost connection is a lost opportunity to make a new friend.

more shots of the london eye!!!!!

but it's not.


the people in your life God has placed there for reasons known only to Him, and if He so chooses, He will reveal them to you. you're reading this post right now. that is no accident.


+ i love--and hate--to think that every word i say, every movement i make, has an imprint on the lives of those around me. the larger the movement + the more words there are, the bigger the imprint.

the view from the Tower of London

what if we were all just spongy balls of white when we were born--shaped and created by God in the womb--and every time someone touched us or hurt us or met our eyes or loved us or spoke to us, he or she left imprints and dents and marks on us, imprints that would eventually sculpt us in the people we are today? what would we look like? what would you look like?

praha (the czech word for Prague)
the more people i meet, the more i realize how similar we are to one another in our depravity + our personalities--and how gracious God is to us, to me, to the Christians around me. 

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