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Saturday, June 25, 2016

i attended film camp this past week.

it was pretty awesome. we learned the basics of lighting, camera work (we got to work with canon c100s!), sound, directing, and editing, and i even got the opportunity to work on a short film with some of my campmates!

but those weren't the most important things i learned this past week.

here's what i learned by attending film camp:

if i had truly wanted to be a filmmaker, i would've done stuff earlier with camerawork and such. a lot of the kids there already knew stuff about doing film work, and some of them were more advanced than what the camp itself had to offer. i know i could easily learn how to do different things, but if truth be told, lighting and cameras and editing didn't really interest me as much.

on the last day, the professor showed a video called "the gap." it wasn't this exact video, but this one included the quote by ira glass, so here it is.

that honestly inspired me the most about anything.

ever since i was seven or eight, i've been writing and reading. and yes, i had a passive interest in other things, but it was exactly that--passive. nothing ever got me going like writing and reading. i always begged my parents to buy me more books, to let me go to writers' conferences.

in march of last year, i decided to stop. i stopped writing fiction. i focused solely on my blog. i read more and i lived more (and i watched more youtube), and at the end of this, i realized that i 




i was born to write. i was ignoring the calling that i had been given, but if truth be told, at the very core, i will be a writer. no matter what any of my other vocations are. i am a storyteller, whether that's for the big screen or if it's for books.

maybe i'll get into screenwriting. maybe i'll get into book writing. maybe i'll get into both.

but the upshot of it is that i am a writer, and i'm done with pretending to not be one. i recently wrote the words "keep going" on a sheet of paper and pinned it up on my wall.

my self-imposed hiatus from fiction writing is over. i began plotting my next book yesterday.


thank God. this feels so good.

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