Sunday, June 26, 2016

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I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Ava Key from Quiet Land + Argonaut Nation! She's also interviewing me, so be sure to check Argonaut Nation today to see my interview!

1. What does creativity mean to you, and how does it manifest itself in your everyday life?
Creativity to me is sculpting what is around you and using your imagination to create something new from it.  I come from a very artistic family, and run two creativity based blogs, so my ability to be creative and problem solve is constantly being challenged. 😅

2. I looked at some of your concept art, and I really loved it! What does your process normally look like?
Oh, thank you! There are three definite (i use definite VERY loosely) paths i mostly follow with my art~
1) A fully formed scene or character pops into my mind, pretty much out of nowhere, and i immediately begin working on portraying it. 
2) I see something that inspires me: a particularly interesting person on the sidewalk, a painting of a Greek goddess, a character from a good book, and portray it in my own way. 
3) Im just sketching (because its important to keep in practice, even when you don't have any ideas) and a nice concept comes out in my scribbles.

3. Favorite color? Spirit animal?
Yellow, black, or a shade of peach. Probably a deer, or some sort of small bird, like a canary or sparrow.

4. If you could draw yourself, in what style/technique/setting would you utilize to do so?
My artistic style and favorite mediums are constantly changing, so it all depends on my taste at the moment. Right now I'm enjoying colored pencils, and am using a more loose and cartoony style than what i would normally strive for.

This is so cool! Be sure to check out Ava's websites--they're amazing, and her artistry is incredibly unique.

Thank you for letting me interview you, Ava! (And for being patient with me:)

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