70 Things I Learned From Junior Year

Monday, June 6, 2016

*cringes inwardly at the pic of me dabbing*

70 things i learned from junior year

  1. If coffee has not already become a part of your life, it will be soon.
  2. Sometimes you just have to go in the car by yourself and cruise through your neighborhoods, blasting Katy Perry.
  3. Don’t go out like this.
  4. This isn’t the end.
  5. It’s all right to wear gym clothes, but you’re only young once. Try to look good once a week.
  6. Life is much easier with Spotify Premium by your side.
  7. YouTube is a time-sucking leech, and I don’t even like YouTubers that much anymore.
  8. Group projects are terrible.
  9. Group projects are terrible.
  10. Group projects are terrible, particularly when you’re doing them with people who don’t do anything. Because then you end up doing all the work, and you have to deal with their opinions.
  11. It’s not lit.
  12. Make sure to enjoy yourself at least occasionally.
  13. Don’t stop creating, no matter how hard it is.
  14. Everyone is human.
  15. Sometimes you have to confront people to get things done.
  16. God is good.
  17. Tori Kelly’s music is good for the soul.
  18. Stress eating is directly linked to weight gain.
  20. Compromise is hard to achieve.
  21. Twitter is THE place for teenage angst. People love it when you tweet something relatable. It makes you feel better. Do it.
  22. Everyone starts to look older...except for you.
  23. Admit when you’re wrong, and don’t rub it in when you’re right.
  24. Get a gym membership and go.
  25. Don’t become a cynic.
  26. Pursue joy.
  27. You’re never too old. Chase your freaking dreams.
  28. Take chances.
  29. Don’t feel the pressure to go to prom; there’s always next year.
  30. Not all ideas are good ideas or ideas that you’re going to be able to carry out.
  31. There is good, and there is bad.
  32. Spanish grammar is the bane of my existence.
  33. Precalculus is the bane of my existence.
  34. AP classes are worth taking when you hit May.
  35. Try to forge relationships with people you wouldn’t ordinarily be friends with.
  36. There is more to you than even you know.
  37. Only make onion dip once a year, or else you’re going to get fat.
  38. Go places.
  39. Push yourself.
  40. Rest.
  41. Shy away from the mainstream.
  42. Talk to your parents.
  43. Talk to your siblings.
  44. Talk to God.
  45. Talk to yourself. It’ll help you keep your sanity.
  46. It’s okay to not be okay.
  47. It’s okay to be okay.
  48. Who cares what other people think? (Everyone does.)
  49. Cliches are really hard not to use. Try not to use them unless you have to.
  50. No regrets.
  51. Everything takes longer than you think it does.
  52. Learn your limits.
  53. Punching a wall is okay sometimes but don’t break your hand.
  54. If you tell people you’re giving them something, give it to them.
  55. Remember their birthdays.
  56. Don’t be a narcissist.
  57. Good remixes are life.
  58. Having a car isn’t that great.
  60. Compliments are some of the awesomest things to give.
  61. Unfollow all those celebrities whose tweets and pictures you don’t need in your life.
  62. You’re almost done. Just keep swimming (and studying).
  63. You waste more time than you think, especially when you’re on the Internet.
  64. Don’t let your conscience cut itself off.
  65. Laugh at yourself.
  66. Lol noooooooooooo
  67. Yogi Berra quotes are life.
  68. Ideals don’t always match reality, but my reality is another person’s fantasy.
  69. Use the resources you have to better the world.
  70. Pancakes are better than waffles.

(ps my friend GRACE is doing a "lessons she learned from sophomore year" post going up soon!! check her blog out!)

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