things i love

Thursday, May 12, 2016

here is

an entire post

dedicated to 

things i love.

it may be cheesy,

but i love them,

and that's all that matters.

1. the anne of green gables series

i want to find my own gilbert blythe someday.

even if his name isn't gilbert, i'm still going to

call him gil.

we'll go for walks through hester gray's garden

and name roads for their characteristics, not convention

and we'll visit prince edward island for our honeymoon (if he's down)

even though it's probably super touristy.

2. jon bellion's music

it's super chill

and i saw a video of him making his music

and it was brilliant. that was what made me appreciate it

plus, he was featured on an andy mineo song

so if andy mineo likes him, i should too

i like "guillotine," and "munny right," and "ooh" (and "woodstock")

3. anticipation of summer

my love for summer is mostly bred out of

anticipation for no school (and no SAT class this summer, thank God)

and freedom

(and sleep)

but not hot, sticky days

or flies

but maybe lemonade and watermelon

and that perpetual chlorine scent

also, i'm going to czech republic & london! (czech is for a missions trip, london for vacation)

4.  the boys in the boat

a nonfiction narrative book about

american olympic rowers in 1936

the best rowing team in the world

who rowed under hitler's nose

(and one of them was jewish)

it's a good book; go read it

5. spotify premium

so much music

so many playlists

my own account, so i can start over and add songs that i actually like

things i have discovered:

1. i cannot stand meghan trainor (her new song "me too" is self-absorbed & utterly uncreative & uninspiring)

2. tori kelly will never, ever grow old

3. indie pop is my jam

6. captain america

haven't seen civil war, but i'm going to

symbolizes hope & courage & loyalty

i have a captain america onesie

(i hope it still fits me)

i might wear it when i go see it

(unless it's too hot)

plus, chris evans is attractive

7. compliments

someone told me i had beautiful eyes

i tell that to myself every day when i look in the mirror

because sometimes i think they're too small

another person told me i had a smile like sunshine

+ the wisdom of an old soul

thank you. i needed that.

8. friends

who care about me, even though i thought they didn't

turns out, i just needed to let them know

that i wasn't doing okay

and they were there

9. family

ever since my mental breakdown,

my dad has been telling me that i'm beautiful every time he sees me

i'm not used to the affection but i like it

thank you, dad

10. YOU

even though

our internet squad is small

i freaking love it

you're all amazing

and incredible

thank you for reading this, and my sometimes-unendingly-boring posts

one that was bubbly and excited about life and happy,

because i think i've changed,

but i'm trying to figure out who i was

and who i am now

and who i want to be

+ you're helping me every step of the way

with every comment.

thank YOU.

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