Sunday, May 15, 2016

So. First order of beeswax (aka business):


On the survey in my last post, the top two options seemed to be "Meet ______" and the "How to: ..." video series. I got 22 votes. Although there was a fairly even distribution, "Meet" and "How" TIED.

Freaking TIED.

I kept waiting for an extra person to make the number of votes odd so that there would be a clear-cut winner, but it was pretty close, tbh. So I've just decided that I'm going to do both (obviously, and I'll get around to doing the other options), but I'll be doing the "How to: ..." series first because I've been on a video kick since Digital, and I'd really love to keep it up.

Now...for the reason why you clicked on this post.

Yes, I did audition for High School Musical 4. 

Yes, it was kind of insane.

Where do I start?


I've always had a hankering for acting and singing and dancing, but I've always kind of suppressed it because I just didn't feel like it...fit me. I'm the shy type. I hate talking to people (but a lot of that is out of laziness). I don't like being social. But I absolutely love that kind of stuff. I love the fact that actors are real people, but they also play different characters. I love the stories. I love the way that people can twist their words to mean one thing or another, how two different people can interpret the character two different ways, and neither of them are wrong. I love how people personify characters on the screen, literally "bringing them to life" (to quote the common cliche).

It's always been a dream of mine to perform something of some sort. Go on some sort of tour. Sing or talk or something. I never thought I was a great enough singer or an actor or a dancer (because I haven't ever trained in at a performing center thing), and I never had time to train anywhere (and I was too shy to ask my parents). Plus, I had my writing.

But...Disney Channel hosts a live audition open casting call once every year, to which thousands of prospective actors, singers, and dancers flock for their chance at the big screen. It's a huge orchestration. It's actually kind of crazy.

And this year, it was held pretty close to where I live, at the Anaheim Convention Center (which is extremely close to Disneyland. I swear they held it near Disneyland just so that all the people who were coming from out of town would stay at the Disney resort and go to Disneyland and blow all their money on stuff at Downtown Disney).

I found out about the casting call on Friday night, when I was casually scrolling through my phone. I noticed that it was near my house and on Sunday, and I asked my mom if I could go.

She said that if I really wanted to, I could.

So I did.

Sunday morning rolled around. I woke up at around five in the morning, because I had a super-strong feeling that it was going to be packed if I got there late. (I was right.)

The entire experience was freaking surreal and insane. I was going to get a chance to audition. In front of the people who cast shows like Girl Meets World and Good Luck Charlie. For a shot.


When we got there, my mom and I parked, and while we were trying to find our way to the Convention Center, we met a girl named Maggie, and we started talking. (We ended up sticking with her through the entire process.) Once we got into the first line, we started talking to these other people, and eventually, thanks to my mom's prodding, I ended up with like four new friends.

We went through a security check, waited in yet another line, then got wristbands and went upstairs to wait in another line for registration, then sat down in the ballroom, waited some more, went to a different ballroom, waited some more, waited some more, and then went in with the casting director.

(My mom and I got there around 6:30, and we left at around 11. 5 hours. For a ten-minute audition.)

I was with a group of nine other people, all of us hopefuls. There was a casting director at the table. He was super nice, but I had a general sense that the face he put on was kind of a mask, a facade. Call me cynical or not, but every time his eyes landed on us, I got this feeling that he didn't think we were really star material. Like, he was trying really hard to keep an open mind, but he was looking for something genuinely special. Or maybe he wasn't looking for anything at all. Maybe it was just a publicity stunt (because that's what the video submission thing is, according to random people on Yahoo Answers).

We went down the row, with each of us stepping forward, giving him our resumes (mine had literally nothing on it), and performing the monologue.

I was the fourth person to go, I think. I think I was nervous, but I didn't realize I was nervous until I felt myself shaking. I performed the monologue. The entire audition was a blur, but I had a vague sensation of me thinking that it was how I had practiced it, and that I hadn't goofed up in any huge way, except maybe using the paper more than I wanted to (but there was no way I could've performed that without the paper, because I was that nervous).

Afterwards, I stepped back. The director guy said something about how I "got through it" and that "I looked nervous." I was happy that he didn't say anything super banal, but looking back, I must have looked really nervous.

And the people around me seemed to have liked it. The guy to my right told me good job, and we'd never talked to each other before (but then, he could have been saying that to me just to be nice), and my new friends told me I did a good job (and they seemed really surprised, all things considered, because, after all, it was my first audition ever and it was in front of a Disney guy).

I'm actually very happy. I went to church and then home and binge-watched a YouTube playlist of High School Musical music numbers, and then I cleaned my bathroom while dancing to my favorite ones, and then I danced some more. I actually did more dancing than cleaning.


I don't want to expect a callback. It'd be cool to get one, of course, but I'm not going to expect it. Instead, I'm just going to wait until the movie comes out and watch it and laugh about my experiences with my family and tell my friends about the time I auditioned for High School Musical 4. Because, for me, it's not about getting the part. It's about taking a chance, and enjoying the plunge.

And besides, it was fun.

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