Monday, May 9, 2016

Sometimes I feel like the quality of art, particularly writing, has gone down in the past years. The quantity of it has increased, definitely, but the definition of art itself has widened with the introduction of technology and social media. We can share more, so we do. 

But sometimes the stuff we self-publish and share now has made it harder for someone to find good content. It requires quite a bit of digging for one to find a good photographer who just doesn't take VSCO-edited photos of social media stars, to find a writer who's not just spouting off baloney on the Internet via blog form (aka me), to find an actual filmmaker instead of just a bunch of attractive wannabe kids on YouTube. 

Is all of the content that goes up on the Internet actually art? Should it be considered art? Or are we just a bunch of fame-obsessed teenagers who worship imitations of the real thing? Are we legitimized because we publish our stuff online? Are we legitimized because we somehow gain a following on the Internet? Are we legitimized because we try to create content, and the fact that we try is all that matters?

Bigger does not necessarily mean better, just like smaller does not necessarily mean better. 

Just because you create content doesn't mean you're creative.

Just because you have a fancy camera and know how to use it doesn't mean you're introducing something new to the game.

Just because you post a couple of high-quality selfies on Instagram doesn't mean it's "art."

My struggle is that I'm always striving to create something that I'd be proud of and that reflects my own creativity, and in the past couple of months, I feel like I haven't really done anything noteworthy that I'm really, truly proud of. 

So I'm going to take my time. I'm going to write things that I want to write, film and edit videos that I want to film and edit, and if I'm not satisfied with the final project, I'll scrap it instead of publishing it. I'd rather take my time to make something good than rush making something bad. 

This video, "Digital," was filmed and edited in one and a half hours. Even though my phone camera quality is terrible and I probably won't get a decent filming camera for a long time, I'm proud of the editing and I'm happy with the way it looks.

This is just the beginning. 

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