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Saturday, April 2, 2016


Zali is a photographer, blogger, and artist at Miss Zali, and she graciously agreed to be interviewed for this series!

note: all april avenue interviews have been proofread, but some stylistic characteristics remain as per the interviewee's personality

Q: How has the ocean influenced your outlook on life and your creative output?

A: I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. Its a strip of Australia with the most insane beaches and surf, and its so beautiful. The ocean is my favourite place on earth so living right on the beach is pretty much the best thing. I get so much inspiration from nature and the ocean particularly, because its never the same. Its such a powerful thing, and being able to float in and be held by something that powerful is pretty hectic. Its so huge, and holds so many creatures and stories and experiences, and connects us all, the countries and people of the world. The salt water washes through me and I can feel it cleansing my mind, body and soul. It lets my mind wander and helps me think of infinite creative possibilities. 

Im not an overly out going person, I'm pretty cautious and occasionally anxious. I lose all of that in the ocean, it grounds me and helps me forget all my worries and problems. When you're in the ocean you're in the hands of something so much bigger than you. It can change at any second, it decides your future and you have to be ok with that. Whatever happens is meant to happen. But I love that feeling, its hectic and the feeling of gliding through waves when you're surfing is unreal. Like nothing else, its my favourite feeling in the world.

Q: Does your lifestyle dictate your content, or does your content dictate your lifestyle?

A: I think that both of those are true for me. My lifestyle has helped shape my creativity and inspires me to create new things, both my parents have encouraged creativity my whole life, as they are photographers, filmmakers and designers themselves. And our family travels a lot, all around the world so yeah, I think that my lifestyle definitely inspires a lot of my content. But then, my creativity and the things Ive made have also helped me to have this lifestyle, blogging and taking photos and working with brands. Its helped me get to where I am now and continues to open up new opportunities. I think they both work together, I get inspired by life to create things, then those things open up opportunities and experiences in my life. They go together well I reckon.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world besides the Gold Coast, where would you live?

A: I would live in New Zealand I think, its an insanely beautiful place. The nature over there is so pure and untouched. Its so freaking inspiring; I love it. But really I never want to leave where I live now, Im proud to be Australian and I love this country and where I live. I feel connected to this place, and I think what will end up happening is that I'll travel around the world, but always have home, to come back to my slice of paradise.

Thank you so much for being interviewed, Zali! All of your responses are so cool and your photographs are amazing. 
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