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Friday, April 22, 2016


Safah is a blogger/artist over at oh, how i wander, and her art is absolutely divine :) Today she's giving us a little bit of insight into her creative process and the outside sources that influence her art!

hi there silver mess creatives!
I’m safah, an amateur poet/artist over at oh, how i wander.
I create art, mainly ink drawings with a touch of watercolour/collage,
and I write free verse poetry about culture, creativity, and – a recent favourite – what home really means. 
today I’ll be talking to you about where I draw my inspiration from when it comes to my projects, which at the moment include ink stained lungs (an art/literary zine due for publication in July which I am working on with some lovely creative ladies); my WIP which will either be a novel or anthology of poetry featuring muslim, coloured characters (because if you can’t see yourself in books, write yourself into one); some prints for a society6 store; and finally, my art journal which I feature quite regularly on the blog.

so, here goes!
  1. pinterest // it’s probably no surprise – pinterest is filled with amazing poetry, photography and art. I usually spend some time scrolling through my art, poetry and WIP boards before getting to work – it’s great for getting into a creative mindset.
  2. poetry // There is an english poet named simon armitage that I have drawn inspiration from for my own poetry for years, he’s rather well known here in the UK and his work was taught in my old secondary school – his words and the raw, unapologetic emotion in the sentences he weaves is something I’ll always admire.
  3. culture // being a muslim, coloured girl was something I wasn’t always accepting of, but recently I’ve come to really embrace this part of my identity, and I take inspiration from scripture, religious stories, and my own language (I’m of bangladeshi origin) to fuse into my work. as of late I haven’t shared much of this new venture, but I’m very excited to start publishing more of it online, it’s been such a wonderful new turn in my journey.
  4. combinations // I think places like instagram and tumblr (despite the fact that I no longer use either) really helped to make me realise that poetry, writing, photography and art don’t always have to be separate – now I like to create stories in my pieces through combining different mediums of creativity, and I can’t wait to explore it more!
  5. London // I adore living in London, and I live only an hour or so from the heart of the city so I’m rarely short of inspiration for my architectural drawings – London is home to some beautiful buildings – I especially love the churches and castles – plans for the summer = me, my sketchbook and the city!

I hope this inspired some of you to look to some new places in your life for inspiration, remember the best place to start is within yourself – what do you love, what speaks to you, what makes you who you are? it might make you a little different, but that’s what creativity is supposed to unearth, so use it!

happy creating x

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