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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Opal is a blogger and writer friend whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for a while since I joined the blogging community! (Fun fact: we once had a collab blog together.) She blogs over at Opal Swirls, and today we're having a conversation about her life, particularly the dichotomy between her regular and Internet life.

1. What or who inspired you to start blogging? 
My best friend started a blog, and I followed suit. But the sharing of ideas and creativity kept me going. 

2. Outside of your Internet life, do your friends and/or family know that you run a blog? How does it rank on your priority list? 
My family read my blog, and so does my best friend. Other than that, it's not something I talk about with people. 

3. What is your approach to your Internet life? (safety, time limit, etc.) 
When I started blogging, I wasn't allowed to use my real name, so I went by "Wild Horse." When I decided to take blogging more seriously, I wanted a name, but not my real one, so I picked Opal. I don't talk about exactly where I live either. It's less for my safety now I'm older, and more because blogging is quite separate from my non-Internet life. 

During the holidays, I tend to spend three or four hours on the Internet in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening, blogging, writing and reading. During the school term, I might spend a couple of hours a week blogging and reading. 

I love the internet, and I love the friends I've made through blogging. But I always put it second to school and my family and friends. 

4. Do your real life experiences inspire you/Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts/creative content? 
Real life is what I try to bring to my blog. I am inspired by everything I see around me. I read a lot, and not just books - I read other blogs and the news and articles. I go out and observe people at school and in town. I look out the window when I'm travelling. I think my inspiration comes from the sum of my observations about the world, if that makes sense? 

5. Favorite part of being a blogger? 
Sharing something about my life or something I'm interested in and having other's agree with me or discuss idea's we do or don't share is one of the best things about blogging. I also like meeting other bloggers and becoming part of their blogging journey as well.  

6. How has your location affected your content/worldview? 
New Zealand is small, and I have only meet a few other New Zealand bloggers in the years I've been blogging. I've often felt like a small fish swimming in the big American ocean. You probably don't see much of New Zealand in my blog (other than slang), but it's definitely in my writing. I think that living in New Zealand has really driven me to create original content because I don't want to be just another blog, I want to stand out. That saying, that's easier to say than do!

7. How has the general culture of NZ influenced your creative process?
New Zealand (I'd like to think) has a very unique culture. We're a culture made up of many different groups and people. Aucklanders, for example, are often viewed as something completely separate from the average New Zealander, and there can be a lot of prejudice that goes with being one. New Zealand is host to a wide range of ethnic groups as well. My high school, for example, is only 50% NZ European. 

Because I've grown up in a very diverse culture, I think I find it easier to be diverse in my writing, which is a big discussion point at the moment. On the blog, I think that behind the scenes of what I'm creating, New Zealand culture is always on my mind. As a country, we have a strong arts side. We have a lot of small groups that do great things, in music, writing and visual art. I'm always feeling encouraged to start something new or try something I haven't when I'm creating. 

Thank you so much for having me, Rachel!


Thank you so much for joining us today, Opal! It was cool to get a peek into your mindset when it comes to blogging :)

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