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Friday, April 15, 2016


Olivia blogs/photographs/arts over at Summer of 1999 (and she's really cool and artsy and wow).

Wake up (7ish) or sleep in later and usually give myself a guilt trip. But, I mean, really, how am I supposed to bring myself to leave this haven of comfort????????? Like, LOOK AT IT.

- Eat breakfast and pack lunch in a rush.
- Devotions. Seriously one of the best parts of my day. And I love filling up my devotions notebooks with truths to remember (beautifully written, of course)! Oh, and remember that one time when I painted my nails last year? That was cool. ***see picture

- Leave for class (Mondays and Fridays I don’t have class and spend an hour doing devotions and checking blog stuff in the library at school. I plug in my headphones and play a Christian background music playlist and it’s great.) And make sure to drink a full cup of coffee on the way. I’m ashamed to say that these past two semesters have rendered me fully dependent on the coffee. Honestly, though, I ain’t even mad.

- Straight from class to work starting anywhere from 11 to 1 and usually eat my packed lunch on the short drive in between.

- Work the afternoon away, and get home anywhere from 3 to 5. I work as the shelver at our local library. It’s lovely- it used to be an old mill until they renovated it. The walls are white brick, and it’s downtown, and all the workers are too nice. During this time, I tend to either overthink everything, not think at all, or plan out the rest of my day.

- Get home and check Instagram, hahaha. But really.

- Work on assignments for a while.
- Usually try to go on a walk/run before supper to get outside and watch the sunset because sunsets give me life. I am a firm believer in this quote. Plus, where else would I get all my pretty sunset pictures for Instagram?

- Eat supper (do you guys call it dinner or supper? This is an important question). (Rachel's note: I call it dinner--you guys call it supper? That's cool) Sometimes watch the news while dad and mom drink coffee and kids interrupt repeatedly and without fail.
- Go back to working on school, and do it off and on till bed time anywhere from 11-12 (I’m trying to shoot for 10:30 or 11, but let’s face it, that’s not been happening) Right before I go to bed, I prefer to make a to do list for the next day and read for at least a few minutes before going to sleep.
For me, creativity is something that I tend to work into my day as it comes. Every day is different for me, and my blog is not near the top priority in my life right now. Therefore, I tend to work on that at times when I’m not pressed, or needing to do other things. I express my creativity in different ways, too. I like painting, sketching, writing, journaling, snapping pictures of the little things, singing along with Spotify (does that count?), or even fueling my creativity by reading or just getting outside. I’ll look around at where I am and see how I can make it beautiful, or what opportunities I have to create: a piece of paper, a pen, my little sister doing water colors on a napkin, rearranging wall art, etc!

That’s just me. My blog is something I love, a place of my own, where I can cultivate a community of uplifting and authenticity, and be honest with myself and everything, which I do best by writing (I love that Flannery O’Connor quote: “I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say”). I don’t think that it’s helpful or healthful for me or you guys for me to be killing myself to create content for you guys, ya know? So this is my process. It’s different, but for me it works!
And that’s what’s so great about a blog like this (Silver Mess) that cultivates all sorts of creativity and appreciation for the different processes: there’s beauty and uniqueness and value in each and everyone’s ideas, and that’s what makes them all so special! Thanks for letting me share mine xx


Thanks so much for posting here, Olivia! (You guys should also check her out on Instagram and Twitter--her pictures are amazing + her tweets are priceless:)

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