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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


She's a blogger at Miss Caly, Instagrammer, and wonderful new friend! Today she's sharing a peek into a day in her life :)

Hi there, it’s lovely to meet you! My name is Jessica, but you might know me by Miss Caly from my blog, Miss Caly. 

Before we begin, I’ll let you know a few things about me: I’m a dreamer, a draw-er, a DIY fanatic, a wannabe photographer, a reader, sometimes a writer, and I have high hopes in one day being able to inspire the world. But other than that, I’m simply a girl with too many hobbies for her own good. I love finding beauty in ordinary things, I’m obsessed with getting creative and I probably spend more time planning to do things than actually doing them. 

Today I thought I might share with you a typical day in my boring-yet-sometimes-fun-and-exciting life. 

Okay, I’ll be honest here. I know that by the title of ‘Content Creator’ you might expect me to be a life-long dedicated creative with a giant photography studio and half my day dedicated to blogging and doing fun things. Although that is the dream, the reality is that my life is probably very similar to yours. I go to high school, I get heaps of homework, I procrastinate and I sleep way too late for the time I’m supposed to wake up the next day (can anyone else relate?) Anyway, here’s a little more detail on how my typical Monday goes:

6:45 AM – My wake-up alarm is currently set to 6:45am, but I’m so terrified of the crazy loud BUZZing noise it makes, so my mind somehow automatically wakes me up before then... Anyway, as soon as I wake up, I wash my face, drink a glass of water and indulge in my favourite breakfast: dry rice bubbles with milk on the side. Call me strange, but there’s something about it that makes me so happy…

7:40 AM – By this time, I’m frantically running around the house, simultaneously packing my school bag and brushing my teeth as fast as I can because I think I’m going to be late for school (because I spent too long indulging in my rice bubbles). 

7:55 AM – I’ve finally left my house in a rush, leaving me ten minutes for a walk to school that usually takes twenty minutes at normal pace. So yeah, I basically jog to school. (This is my daily dose of exercise!)

8:10 AM – Now I’ve arrived at school with a racing heart and sweat starting to form at brim of my nose. I mentally prepare myself for another day of learning and head straight to my first class.
So I know a lot of people may ‘hate school’ or don’t see the point in it, but I personally quite like it. I mean, apart from all the friendship dramas and exam stress, there’s something so beautiful learning something new. Maybe it’s because I try not to think of school as just school. School for me is more of a source of inspiration and ideas, a place where I can expand my knowledge and at the same time participate in some kind of human interaction. Ok, the last part probably makes me sound like a complete antisocial nerd, but it’s true with all this online communication, that without school, I could probably go all my life without talking to anyone. 
Anyway, I’ve gone off on tangent. Back to my routine…

3:10 PM – This is the time that I usually finish school. It’s time for my earphones to go back to my ears, and I can finally take a relaxing stroll home. 

3:30 PM – I arrive home and immediately get dressed into some comfy pyjamas and slippers (it’s currently Autumn here so I never know whether it’s cold enough to wear pants or warm enough to wear shorts. It’s hard). After getting changed, I head outside with a snack, a glass of water and my phone. I spend around half an hour just sitting there. I think about life. 

4:00 PM – I love, love, love writing lists. Now’s the time to plan out how I will spend the rest of my day. 

4:30 PM – It’s time for a blog post! I’m not really one to prepare my photos and posts in advance like some other bloggers may do. Instead, I begin with a rough idea of the kind of post I want to make, whether it’s a DIY, a printable or an art post. Then, I shoot some photos in my wannabe photo studio (basically an old desk with a tripod and a large sheet of white cardboard). I upload this to my laptop, edit the photos, and then just go with the flow with what I’m writing. Probably not the most efficient or professional way of making a blog post, but it works for me!

6:00 PM – Instagram! If you haven’t noticed in my Instagram feed, I especially love taking flatlays and simple photos on white backgrounds. I also like to play around with the positioning of certain objects in the photos. It’s fun. :D 

6:30 PM – My family eat dinner together at around this time. It’s my favourite meal of the day because my mum’s always got something deliciously home-cooked for us. (Can I just say, I’m currently loving roasted pumpkins, they’re the best!) 

7:00 PM – Time for some TV with some fruit and possibly dessert if I’m lucky! I don’t have a certain show that I watch – I usually just flick through the channels and see what’s on. 

7:30 PM – Alright, now it’s time to get down to business. I’ve probably got a tonne of homework from school and lots of assignments to do. By this time, I’m probably stressing out and regretting not starting my homework earlier in the day. It’s alright, Jessica. Breathe. 
Okay, no more distractions, at least not until I’ve done my work. I usually spend a good half hour revising what I learnt at school, then the rest of my day catching up on any extra work. 

10:30 PM – It’s time to wrap up another day. I like to spend my last few minutes of the day relaxing and unwinding. Sometimes I like to meditate, do yoga or simply read. Then, after brushing my teeth and making tomorrow’s lunch, I finally kick off those slippers and tuck myself into my long-missed bed. Ah. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. 

And that’s about it! How does your day go? Oh and let me know how you feel about dry rice bubbles. They’re amazing, right?...right? Or am I just weird. 

Also, be sure to stop my blog, Instagram and Twitter to see more of my weird and wonderful creative ideas. I’ll also be hosting a GIVEAWAY very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that too! (Hint, hint: it includes lots of cute stationery and pens that I’d love to keep for myself).

Instagram: @misscalyblog 

Twitter: @misscalyblog 

Thank you to Rachel for having me here today, it was a pleasure sharing a bit of my day with you all. Until next time!

Xoxo, Miss Caly. 


Thank you so much for agreeing to do this! (Her aesthetic is beautiful, so you should definitely check out her links!)

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