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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


She's a writer + blogger at A Writer's Faith, and today we'll be chatting with her a bit about her blog and her writing!

Thank you so much for letting me on your blog, Rachel! I super appreciate you asking me and thinking of all the questions. :D

What or who inspired you to start blogging?

Definitely all the teens from Go Teen Writer’s. I found it so amazing that all these 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds were designing and writing on their own little corners of the Internet. I mean, throwing words out so people can read them? Awesome. 

Oddly enough, my first blog wasn’t my own blog. My cousin was assigned to start a blog for a school project, and she asked if I wanted to do it with her. We ran the blog for only a couple months over the summer—and no, I’m not going to give you the link (HA! I KNOW WHAT IT WAS! IT WAS CALLED "COUSINS IN CHRIST"! See, that's how long we've known each other)—but it was fun while it lasted and gave me confidence and a small enough audience to start my own. 

 How do you balance your real-life activities with writing and blogging?

To be completely honest, I don’t have too many real-life activities going on right now. I used to take 
gymnastics and piano lessons, but I quit both of them a few years ago. Most of my activities involve 
school and church. 

But when I do have activities going on, I try to make the most of my writing/blogging time. I “try” to stay focused so I don’t run into stress later. To be real, though, I usually procrastinate and stay up long past midnight to finish my writing/blogging. Oops.

I think we've all pretty much stayed up late doing something for blogging, haha! Outside of your Internet life, do your friends and/or family know that you run a blog? How does it rank on your priority list?

So my family obviously knows just because I needed permission and all to put half my life on the 
internet for strangers to read, but… I’m not sure about friends? Most of my friends are from 
church—and I go to a fairly small church—so I suppose word has gotten around that I run a blog 
whether they heard about it from another friend or my mom or Facebook. But unless they outright ask: “Do you have a blog?” I won’t tell them. Not sure why I’m partial about that. I just… am. :P

What is your approach to your Internet life? (safety, time limit, etc.)


My mom’s actually super cool with me spending tons of time on the Internet. She gets that it is my 
hobby—like gymnastics is to my sister—but it’s unfortunate that mine involves so much “screen time.” 

So, really no time limits in our family. (Thank goodness.) Safety… hm. My parents used to be stricter about that. Like no pictures on the Internet, no email addresses, etc… They still prefer me not to give out my location, but with everything else we’re all pretty flexible.

Do your real life experiences inspire you/Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

Inspiration comes from other bloggers a lot, honestly. Sometimes I’ll share my view on a topic, or use a post idea and put my on twist on it. Or often I’ll ramble about my writing/blogging experiences. They may not be real life experiences, but they’re things that inspire me nonetheless.

Favorite part about being a blogger?

THE PEOPLE. 100%. I met Rachel through blogging, and it’s been fun connecting and posting on each other’s blogs. (Like this!) Even though the people are over the Internet, it’s amazing how good friends I can actually become with them. <3 

How has your location affected your content/worldview?

I’ve lived in the northern US for my whole life. And honestly? It’s cold. It turned 55 for the first time this year a couple weeks ago, and almost everyone in my neighborhood was outside enjoying the “warm” weather. ;) (Haha, that's freezing where I live!)

I don’t usually get inspiration for my content, but just looking out of a window into my neighborhood or the woods in the back of our house can make me more motivated and calm my mind. Someday I’ll have to write about a snowstorm since I have lots of experience with that. Not sure how I ended up writing a novel that takes place in the desert… Oops.

How has your writing grown in the past year or two?

Wow. My old writing is so different—hardly even recognizable as my style. I think I’ve become better at creating characters since my first novel… and really everything else. Reading lots and LOTS of books has helped me figure out new vocabulary along with plot and character inspiration.

One other main thing that’s helped me grow in my writing is having people critique my writing. They point out words that I use a lot, or character habits that I need to change.  It’s a scary thing to do, but very needed since I can see the results. 


Thank you, Rachel! I enjoyed answering your questions. :)

Thanks so much for agreeing to participate, Katie! I loved seeing your answers :)

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