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Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's our last post for April Avenue *cue the tears* and today I have a very special guest with me! 

Meet Jane! Jane is a YouTuber, singer/songwriter, and an actress who makes pretty bomb videos. I'm so happy that she was willing to be interviewed, and you should definitely check out her songs--they're amazing.

1. You're a YouTuber, but you're also a singer, an actor, a tennis player, AND a full-time student! How do you think your real-life experiences have prepared you for being a YouTuber? And how does being a YouTuber influence your real life?

I go to a very rigorous academic school, so time management has always been very important to me. While it can be difficult to juggle everything at the same time, I love YouTube, so it never feels like work. In terms of how it influences my life, all my friends are so supportive, and they’re genuinely curious about how it works. I’m so grateful that they are so open-minded. 

2. How has living in the atmosphere and culture of Southern California affected your creative content + creative process? 

My mother moved here to become an actress, and my dad is a producer. So growing up with them, I was always so interested in the TV world. I think if they were not in the business, they may not have been so quick to let me have a channel. Living in LA, there is so much inspiration in even the littlest places. Also, so many people are interested in acting and performing, so I am surrounded by people who think a lot like me! 

3. Do you consider yourself a beauty guru? Do you think other people see you as a beauty guru? How would the positive and negative stigmas of being perceived as a "beauty guru" affect your videos + the way you approach social media?

I do consider myself a beauty guru, and I think my subscribers do too. A lot of the negative stigmas come from the image that everything is perfect in their world. I really try to let my imperfect personality show through, and my fans really like to see the mistakes and the “real me”. 

4. I watched your "Draw my Life" video, and I was really touched by it--you've really been through a lot, and you seem to have come out all the more stronger because of it. Do you see your videos as a creative outlet stemming from those experiences?

Absolutely!! My life has flipped in the last few years, and I guess I was distracting myself from my family by whatever means possible. But YouTube is no distraction for me anymore. It’s really my creative passion and it fulfills me in a way I never expected. 


Thank you so much for joining us, Jane! Don't forget to check out the links below :)

VLOG CHANNEL (where her songs are--my favorite one is "life rope")

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