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Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hannah is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, vlogger, and blogger! Her spring line just released over on her Etsy shop, so you should definitely check it out! I've admired her for a while now, so I was absolutely thrilled when she agreed to do this interview!

1. I noticed that your Etsy shop's slogan is "Romantic Designs with Timeless Appeal." What made you base your designs off that phrase, and how does that relate to your mission for your shop?
The credit for that phrase actually goes to my sister who's a writer, ha ha! But as soon as she said it I knew it was perfect because it totally sums up my brand! I wanted to create clothing that wouldn't be too outdated to wear for years and I wanted it to make the girl wearing it feel like she was as beautiful and feminine as she really is! 

taken from etsy.com/shop/hannaheverly

2. I love all the skirts and bows and ties that you have in your shop! Where do you find the inspiration to create different styles?

I draw a lot of inspiration from old movies and style icons but think I draw a lot of my inspiration from my friends. None of us have the exact same style but I always try to find ways to create pieces we would all wear and could style in ways that they reflect our personal style.  I have a group of about 10 really close friends that I always run past all my ideas for new patterns or photoshoot ideas because I know that I want to create things that *I* like, but it's also valuable to get second opinions. For instance I had this fabric I was thinking about using for my spring line and three of my friends told me it looked like curtains in a nursing home, so I took their advice and ditched it. 😂 

3. How has your environment/culture/location influenced what you create and how you create it?
Growing up my older sister always wore vintage clothing from the 50's and 60's so I was really used to the idea of dressing up and dressing old fashioned.... BUT I always loved how she never made it look like a costume. She would pair a polka dot silk bow blouse from the fifties with a pair of ripped up madewell jeans. I knew that even though I wanted to have a certain retro appeal to my skirts... I still wanted them to be modern enough to wear in every day life and not look like you were wearing a Halloween costume. When I started my business when I was 14 I was at that age where I was still discovering my style and so were all my friends. I think we all fed off each other and started experimenting more with fashion and being more confident in our own style. 

4. How do you balance your business mind with your creative mind? Do you view those as separate spheres of your brain, or do they meld with each other? (Does your creativity influence the way you run your business?)
I actually don't think I separate them. When I'm designing a new pattern I'm still thinking logically about what would sell and how to market it. When I'm sending out emails or doing marketing stuff I can't separate that from the fun aspects of my business because that's what makes my brand. The brand Hannah Everly is all about my personal life/me personally and how that translates into my business and what I create. I think if I were to go about marketing with just my business mindset on I was lose the uniqueness of my fun and very personal brand. 

taken from etsy.com/shop/hannaheverly
5. Your Instagram account is so bright and cheerful! Do you purposely try to set a theme, or is it just an outflow of who you are as a person?
Aww thank you so much!!! I've actually never put a ton of thought into making sure I had a good theme. When I think of a month I see the colors of that month. For instance... February looks pink and red to me. March is green and yellow... April is blue and orange...June is pink... So when I get dressed I naturally gravitate towards the colors I feel like that month is.  When I post my outfit photos or detail shots they usually just happen to all go together because of that! I paint my nails the colors I'm feeling and I wear that color lipstick. It sounds kind of weird saying it out loud but that's how my mind works, ha ha! 


Thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed, Hannah! Don't forget to check out her links below:

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