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Monday, April 11, 2016


She's a blogger, writer, and actress over at Totally Graced. Today she's presenting a day in her life!

8:00- I wake up to the obnoxious beeping of my alarm clock and slap it off as quickly as my groggy brain is able. After lying in bed for a moment pondering whether I should get up or just become a cat and sleep forever, I finally force myself out of bed and downstairs to grab some breakfast. I’m usually not super hungry in the mornings, so today I just make myself a warm mug of hot chocolate (I’m obviously a total health freak) and take it back to my room. I take a few minutes to scroll through my phone, answering a couple of texts, checking email, blog comments, and Instagram. (Gosh I feel like I sound like every teenage girl who’s ever created a Day In My Life post/vlog)

8:20- I have a rehearsal at nine, so it’s time to try to make myself look halfway human. When you go to morning rehearsals all the time, you kind of start to give up on trying to look good, but I’d still rather not scare people with my makeup-free face and morning hair. Slap on some basic makeup, pull my hair up into a ponytail, and throw on some yoga pants, and I’m ready to go!

9:00- I get to rehearsal, commiserate with all of my friends about how tired we all are, and stretch. Dear lord, stretching in the morning is painful. I’m always so tight.

12:00- Typically Thursdays are our choreography rehearsals, so by noon I’m absolutely dead. Dancing for three hours (especially in character heels- those shoes are demonic) is very tiring! It’s a ton of fun though; I really love it. Rehearsal ends at noon, so I head outside with my friends to wait to be picked up.

12:20- I get home, put my dance bag away and make lunch. Today I make a taco salad, which basically means I just make a regular salad but instead of salad dressing, I use salsa, and I put about a million tortilla chips in there, too. I swear, I could eat my weight in tortilla chips. I watch a Fuller House episode while I eat--I’m in love!

1:00- Time to scroll through some blogs and spam everyone with comments! I may or may not be doing this to procrastinate doing school…..

1:30- Scroll through Pinterest for “novel inspiration." Yes. I’m only doing this to help with my novel. Not to pin eight thousand cookie recipes and quotes and eyeshadow tutorials.

1:45- Now to actually work on my novel. I’ve been working for ages on this one plot issue, BUT I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! I’m so happy about that oh my goodness. Now I’m finally making some progress again.

2:30- Time to read To Kill a Mockingbird for English! I’m really getting into this book- it’s hard not to read ahead!!!

3:00- Pretending to care about American History. I just can’t get into the Civil War to save my life.

3:25- Stare at my geometry book, and then decide that I can totally just do it tomorrow. Geometry and I are not friends.

3:30- I read a chapter of my Anatomy book. Anatomy and I aren’t on very good terms either. I’m typically not a horribly squeamish person, but sometimes Anatomy is just too much.

4:00- By this point, I decide that I’ve had enough of school for the day. I blast some music and daydream about all of the productive things that I should be doing right now.

4:20- I need to work on some blog stuff, so I grab my laptop and start planning. I draft two different posts, and then go to edit a third. The amount of post drafts I have right now is totally unreal. I’m pretty sure that at this point I have 16-17 different drafts.

5:15- The lighting in my room is always fabulous this time of day, so I settle in and take some blog photos. I’m not the best photographer, so I get sort of stressed whenever I have to take photos, but I make it fun by blasting music and experimenting with different backdrops. Lately I’ve gotten really into using different pieces of clothing or blankets to photograph makeup products against. (For anyone who saw my latest Favorites post, the photo of the EOS lipsticks was literally just against an old sweater that I happened to find in my closet. I’m so professional.)

6:00- I have ballet at seven, so I have to start getting ready. I run upstairs to my room to change into my leotard, and then spend the next twenty minutes trying to get my hair into a bun. IT’S SO DIFFICULT! I’m a complete perfectionist, so I usually end up getting really annoyed and redoing it three times. By the time I’m finished I’m breathing in more aerosol than oxygen, but my hair is in that bun!! (Don’t you just love my sister’s paintbrushes photobombing? She’s a fabulous artist it’s slightly annoying.)

6:30- My dad drives me to the studio and I talk his ear off for the majority of the car ride, typically about Hamilton. I’m pretty sure that at this point he knows more about that show than he ever cared to haha.

7:00- BALLET!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

8:30- I grab my stuff and head home. I’m absolutely exhausted, but I love every minute of class.  

9:00- As soon as I get home, I drink a ton of water and then hop in the shower. After spending four and a half hours of my day dancing, I can’t wait to clean up and get into pajamas!

9:30- FOOD!!! I didn’t eat before class, so I’m absolutely starving at this point. The rest of my family had soup for dinner, so I heat up a bowl. There also may or may not be tortilla chips involved.

9:40- We decide to watch an NCIS before heading up to bed. I’m almost through Season 1- I’m slightly terrified to see what in store in the season finale.

10:30- I head upstairs and get ready for bed. I don’t go to sleep for a while, though- I have a whole routine set up. If you haven’t noticed, I’m a creature of habit. Once I’ve brushed my teeth and washed my face, I climb into bed and fill out my Question A Day journal, fill out my planner for the next day, read a chapter or two from my latest book, do some journaling, and read a few pages of my Bible. I’m totally not OCD or anything I have no clue what you’re talking about.

11:15- Off to bed! I lie for ages imagining absolutely bizarre scenarios and overthinking every detail of life before finally falling asleep.


Thank you all so much for reading this!!! Hopefully you weren’t falling asleep from boredom by the end of it. BUT THAT’S MY LIFE!! Thanks so much for having me, Rachel! It was so much fun. FAREWELL LOVELY PEOPLE!!!


Thanks so much for being a part of this, Grace! Check her out on INSTAGRAM :)

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