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Monday, April 4, 2016


She's a blogger and writer over at The Devil Orders Takeout, and she's doing "A Day in the Life of a Content Creator"! 

(Supreme apologies from Rachel if the photos don't seem to be working!)

Hello there, Silver Mess creatives!

I’m Alyssa from The Devil Orders Takeout, and I write YA fantasy novels featuring diverse, empowered girls in worlds of magic, madness, and murder. But I also create other types of content, such as my blog posts, my monthly newsletter, or even a little artwork here and there. How does that all fit together?

Let’s take a look at my typical Sunday. I’m most creative on weekends because I don’t have to go to school!

9:00 AM: I wake up! Recently, I’ve developed the habit of turning off the Wi-Fi on my computer before I sleep so that I can concentrate on work in the morning. On this particular Sunday, I managed to plan revisions for a scene in my novel-in-progress, a Mulan + Swan Lake retelling. Yay!

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I also ACCIDENTALLY consume half a pack of Hershey’s white chocolate. (Okay, one whole pack. I shall not lie.) This particular brand is my writing fuel.

9:30 AM: After half an hour, I change out of my pyjamas, wash my face properly, and so on. Normally I multitask this with checking my phone. For emails, I delete most of them and bookmark the ones with useful content or that I should reply to. For social media notifications, I glance through to make sure there’s nothing pressing and ignore them for now.

10:00 AM: The rest of the family wakes up! We invariably argue about where to go for breakfast (or rather brunch), but it ends up either being something simple at home or a “cha chan ting” nearby. A “cha chan ting," or tea restaurant, is a common eatery in Hong Kong!

11:00 AM: This is my least productive time of the day. I read the emails I bookmarked earlier and spend a couple of hours reading blogging advice, creative inspiration, and so on. On this Sunday I watched a webinar about finding my audience as a novelist from Jenny @ Blots and Plots!

1:00 PM: After consuming content, I find it a little difficult to get back into the groove of creating content. I take some downtime here and rewatched the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trailer. Although I’ve already watched the movie, I find that watching trailers helps inspire my writing muse. I put Youtube on autoplay and watch several trailers until I feel ready to write more.

1:45 PM: The revisions for the novel-in-progress aren’t coming easily today, so I change over to some blog work instead. I read through my Bloglovin’ feed and comments on several blogs, outline a few coming blog drafts, and worked on some HTML and CSS for an upcoming blog redesign.

2:30 PM: I eat some tea in the form of a banana and a pack of Ritz biscuits. Then I take some time to complete homework that’s due on Monday—not the wisest option, I admit! I also bookmark a few pages of Hamlet to read for a school project. Hamlet is the SASSIEST and I’m planning on rewriting an old manuscript into a Hamlet retelling.

5:00 PM: I leave home for a golf session. Although I don’t really enjoy physical exertion, golf is one of the few exceptions.

7:00 PM: I finished my golf session and took the subway to join my parents at the supermarket in a nearby mall. On the way there, I read Cait @ Paper Fury’s Wattpad story and type up a quick comment, and exchange Twitter DMs with her about my short story.

8:00 PM: We arrive back home and my parents make supper. Tonight, it’s rice and chicken broth with mushrooms and cabbage. I eat fairly quickly and head back to my room to dash off new thoughts about revising my novel-in-progress before going to shower and brush my teeth.

9:00 PM: I lazily work through another half-scene of revisions and mark my progress on myWriteClub. Yay! I turn off Wi-Fi on my computer in preparation for the morning rush and pack my schoolbag.

9:30 PM: I take my phone with me and sit in bed reading fanfiction for a while. I don’t go to sleep right away in denial of Mondays, ahaha.

And that’s a wrap! What kind of chocolate do you like most? Which is your favourite Shakespeare play? And do you like Mulan?!? (The only answer: yes.)

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