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Friday, April 29, 2016


Aimee is a stud of a writer--she blogs over at To the Barricade! (which is, yes, a Les Mis reference), where she talks about writing, books, and everything in between.

1. What or who inspired you to start blogging?

It was actually something my mom had been doing for as long as I could remember. I was always really interested in it, and one day I started to discover book/writing blogs and realized that hey, I had something to say as well. I started one right then and never really looked back. 

2. How do you balance your real-life activities with writing and blogging?

Heh, I honestly wish I was better at it...that's still something I'm working through, because I have the tendency to hole myself up and just write or blog forever. Fortunately I have siblings and friends who force me to come out and socialize. But I'm also an extrovert, so occasionally I feel the itch to go out and recharge so I can go back to being creative! 

3. Outside of your Internet life, do your friends and/or family know that you run a blog? How does it rank on your priority list?

Family and some of my friends know about the blog, though I'm not sure how many of them regularly read it (thank God). It's not exactly that I'm embarrassed about it, more that it's weird to have two such very different parts of my lives meeting up every so often. That being said, I wouldn't call blogging one of my greatest priorities. I love it and I try to stay on schedule, but I work very hard mentally to make sure I'm not beating myself up about it or seeing it as so important that it's a real issue when I don't feel like I have enough followers.

4. What is your approach to your Internet life? (safety, time limit, etc.)

I'm a lot less cautious than I used to be, honestly! I've kind of gotten over the idea that anyone I meet on the internet that I don't know in real life is going to stalk and murder me, while still keeping up reasonable caution. For example, I'm comfortable with using my name now, but I wouldn't throw my address out for anyone to use, or tell you all the details of my life. I feel like I'm building real friendships and relationships with people I've never met in real life now, so that's cool. 

5. Do your real life experiences inspire you/Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

A lot of the inspiration for my posts comes from what I'm learning or inspired by lately, just sort of the ideas floating around in my head. Recently I posted about Star Trek inspiring my writing and that, obviously, came from watching a lot of Star Trek lately and having all those thoughts floating around in my head. It's whatever comes to me, whatever's been preoccupying me, whatever. 

6. Favorite part of being a blogger?

Honestly? Getting to throw my opinions in people's faces and say what I want. That and use gifs. Lots and lots and lots of gifs. I mess around with that way too much.

7. How has your location affected your content/worldview?

Hmmm. Well honestly I'm somewhere in the northern United States (there I go, giving out my location, oops) and I live in a fairly wealthy area, so that affects my experiences and the way I see things. I have access to constant Internet and a laptop, I'm surrounded by pop culture, I can go to church freely, and all of that. I have access to a lot of information but it's my job to really think about it and figure out how to interpret it myself, which is where a lot of my inspiration comes from.

8. How has your writing grown in the past year or two?

The past year or so has been a rough one for me and also the best year of my life, so I've changed a LOT. It's been a period of being uncertain and being afraid and learning the hard way, and that's shown itself through my writing -- I feel like it's more mature now, like I've learned some important things, like I'm able to look at things more critically now and own my faith. Hopefully that all bleeds through into my writing.


Love that last line. 

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