Q&A Video! (+ Extra Written Questions!)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I filmed a Q&A video!

I filmed it on my phone so I could upload it directly to YouTube, but it cut off a part of a question, so I'll just finish that question (and the rest of the questions that were asked) down below.

In response to Mary Shelley Reid's question on how to develop one's creative process, I'd say to just let it occur naturally. Focus on creating, not the creation. Don't restrict the times for when you can be creative; leave your mind open at all times. Sometimes you have to force yourself to sit down and writer, or go out and do the photoshoot, or record that song, but never turn off your idea spout. And if it does naturally of its own accord, roll with the punches. Creative block comes to everyone; just be prepared for anything and everything.

Other questions I didn't answer (all of them from Grace):

Best class I've ever taken? This sounds weird coming from me, but my sophomore year's math class was the absolute best ever, due mostly to my teacher. It was stressful (particularly in second semester), but my brain was stimulated, my teacher genuinely loved math, and I was never really bored in that class. 
Person in your personal life who most inspires you? My parents. They're godly and generous. I aspire to be as good of a parent as both of them are. 
Habits? Excluding my bad habits...I habitually listen to pop and hip-hop. I have to be in a certain mood if I want to listen to indie/alternative/rock/EDM/funk/gospel. I turn the music on whenever I go in the car. My writing positions vary. If there's food in front of me, I'll eat it, even if I'm not hungry (not a good thing, haha).

Thank you to everyone who asked questions! The time slot to ask them was small, I know, so hopefully I'll do a larger one later with actual editing.

Stay awesome, kids!


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