Saturday, March 5, 2016

Creative Challenge (noun) : Specific exercises designed to inspire others to explore, learn, and create art that is noble, pure, and worthy of praise.

I’ve taken a couple of art classes in my life, and one of the things that I learned was that an object’s shading is the same exact color as the object itself, just a different hue. For example, if a water bottle cast a shadow on a blue table, the shadow would be a darker version of table color.

From this rule, I realized that people can paint entire pictures--abstract or realistic--using one color in different shades.


  1. Choose a color. I chose green because recently I’ve been really loving the nature-themed look, and St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Make sure you have black/brown and white to mix in with the color so you can create different tints as well.
  2. Choose a subject matter/style. In the video down below, I painted whatever came to mind at the moment. First it started out with an eye, then several looping eyes, then a mess, then a sort of snowflake creation. Be spontaneous, or plan it out--it doesn’t matter what you do!
  3. Paint!

This challenge is super fun and easy and can be conducted as a singular activity or a group one. Placing limitations on what one can do enhances a person’s ability to think creatively in restrained situations. There might be less possibilities than there would be if you had the entire rainbow at your disposal, but there’s more chance to focus on detailing and interpretation of the subject matter.

What do you think? Is this something you would try at home? What are other art tips/experience that you have? If you do it on any form of social media, hashtag it #silvermesscreativechallenge and tag @silvermess for Instagram and @rrachelalisonn for Twitter!

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