Monday, March 7, 2016

If you know me, you’ll know that I love Instagram. It’s a place that’s artsy and funky and bright and, if you’re in the company of other good users, a great community for people who are a lot like you.
Recently, I’ve been steadily growing my Instagram feed which, as it is to any other Instagram user, is very important to me. I don’t just like sticking with the same consistent theme, however--I’ve been trying to find ways to seamlessly transition into other variants of the same base, so I came up with something I call the transitional Instagram feed.

When I first started my Silver Mess Instagram account, I knew that I wanted to start with a black-and-white theme and transition to a blue theme, but figuring how that worked out took me a long time. I probably spent hours on end experimenting with the different filters and content and, in the process, trying to figure out what defined me as a person. It’s a creative process, so I enjoyed it, but it’s definitely a lot of work. Don’t tackle it unless you’re sure you’ll be able to make something of it. And definitely be prepared to put in time and effort if you want it to look aesthetically pleasing.

To bridge the gap between the black-and-white and the blue, I combined elements from both themes to create a new one. For my transition theme, I used the same black-and-white filter, but I used the Highlight function on the VscoCam app to tint the photos blue. Coming up with your transition theme is probably a bit easier than trying to figure out the start and end theme, mostly because you just take a couple of characteristics from each one and combine them.

The precise scheduling of each phase doesn’t really matter, to be honest. I posted a photo a day for about two weeks in my black-and-white theme, then nine days for the transition, and I’ve been cruising with my blue theme for a while now. Just make sure you build up a substantial feed for each theme so that people scrolling through your pictures will notice the change.

tips - Be different! I see a lot of people with clean white themes, which I absolutely love, but I’m not a clean white kind of person, so I had to figure out what I wanted to post and how to go about doing it. It’s really easy to copy other people’s themes, but it’s hard to maintain them if they’re not you. Also, don’t change your theme too often or too abruptly. The transitioning should be fluid, not sharp and forced.
Save your pictures in a separate album in your Camera Roll or Gallery so you can plan out how you want your feed to look. Don’t be afraid to scrap an idea--the hours that you’ve put in already haven’t gone to waste. Don't feel like you have to plan it out--planning helps, but you might find that you're naturally transitioning your photos, and that's great! If your Instagram feed looked exactly the same after an extended period of time, you're either not changing at all as a person or you're not exhibiting the personal changes that have been occurring within you. Creations should reflect the creator.

So what do you think? Would you ever consider doing something like this?

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  1. Hi! I want to do this as well. Has using the transitional instagram feed hurt follower growth? (Since most instagrammers seem to like a specific theme?) Or did many people end up liking it?


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